On the Road Again....

I am still on the road and having a lovely time traveling around, trying out Rachael's picks. Today is my first day in Pennsylvania, after five days in Ohio. Unfortch, Rachael does not have any Pittsburgh or Ligonier picks, so I will have to write exclusively about her Ohio ones. We went on a veritable Rachael Ray tour of Cleveland, with stops at the Trattoria Roman Gardens, Great Lakes Brewing Company, and Tommy's. We also made several "must see" stops in Cleveland, like White Castle (can you believe I had never had it before?) and a Cleveland Indians game.

So, keep your eyes peeled for the resumption of regular posting on Monday. Until then, go over to TV Food Fan if you need a fix on food network gossip and breaking news! See you later.


  1. One of the places I want to go to is that place that makes that delicious upside down pizza that she featured on Tasty Travels: Chicago. It looked SO good!

  2. Her shows inspire me to go so many places! You can't even know how excited I was when I saw there was a Cleveland one (since I was not especially looking forward to Cleveland, other than going to Cedar Point). I just downloaded the pics last night and plan on giving you all the dish on her picks soon!


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