Oprah Will Be One of Rachael Ray's First Guests

This is certainly not a shocker to anyone who has been following Rachael Ray's career, but the press is all abuzz about the announcement that Oprah Winfrey will be one of Rachael's first guests on her new talk show. The news even made the feed on People.com.

Oprah has played a big part in Rachael's career lately. She brought Rachael on her show for segments, which then led to Oprah's production company, Harpo Productions, co-producing Rachael's new talk show. You can see a whole library of Rachael's recipes on Oprah's website by running a search for Rachael Ray there. There are tons!

According to People, Oprah hardly ever appears on anyone else's show. Although, since her production company is involved, it is not that far removed. Oprah's appearance will occur in the first week of the show, which is only a month away now!


  1. I tried to go to the show on August 3rd when Oprah was there. I was at the beginning of the line with my two friends. We were standing in 100 degree weather for about an hour and a half.
    One of the staff from her show had let people from the back of the line go in first, which was totally unfair. These people were friends of one of the staff. I know this because they were all kissing her. Finally when the line started to move, they told us that there was no room left. They refused to let my friend in because she had sneakers on and they said that she was inappropriately dressed, but they did allow their own friends to go in with tank tops,sneakers, etc.

    I don't think that I would ever attempt to see her show anymore.
    I have been to many shows and they never pulled any of this crap.

  2. I recommend getting tickets to the show by going through her website, www.rachaelrayshow.com. Maybe you could have avoided the wait in line and uncertainty about getting in? You could also send an email to the show through that site and tell them about your complaint. You never know - they could respond.

  3. My friend did get the tickets from her website. Whenever you go to television shows you always have to stand in line, even though you have tickets. It is normally first come, first serve and we were near the front of the line.

  4. Are you sure the friends were there for the taping? Maybe they went behind the scenes and therefore were allowed to wear sneakers? It's hard to tell for sure without knowing all the facts.

    To their credit, the site does state that you may not wear sneakers and that admission is first come, first service.

    Hopefully this is an example of one or two staff members acting inappropriately and not a general policy of the show. I really recommend sending them an email to complain - but if your friend was wearing sneakers she probably wouldn't have gotten in anyways.

  5. It really doesn't make any sense about not allowing sneakers. After all nobody sees your feet when you are sitting in the audience.

  6. I promise that if you have your own talk show someday, you can allow sneakers!

    I think they are probably discouraging sneakers in order to discourage the clothing that is typically worn with sneakers.

  7. EXCUSE ME?????!!!!

    They don't like sneakers on the RR show, but she dresses like crap herself ALL OF THE TIME?!!! Give me a damned break!

  8. If it offends you that much, I suggest becoming a Food Network star, launching a successful magazine, writing 10 cookbooks and then starting your own show. In fact, you should probably stop reading this blog and get working now!

    You could let people wear sneakers and wifebeaters. I am sure it would be a big hit!

    Isn't interesting that I am the only one using a name in this discussion? Just thought I would point that out....


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