Rachael Ray Roundup

Here we are again. The Rachael Ray Roundup is a Friday feature on Everything Rachael Ray. It includes any of the posts that I unilaterally decide are interesting. The requirements are flexible - it basically has to be about Rachael Ray. Her recipes, news, and cookbooks are fair game.

  • The Hungry Cat was on a roll this week! She took a Rachael Ray recipe for sole and put her own spin on it. The result was sole with toasted almonds, lemon, and capers. She also tried Rachael's Chilled Melon Soup (great picture!) and it was a success. And her sous chef provided great assistance for Steak with Chimichurri, which combined Rachael's recipe with one from Gourmet.
  • Cate at Sweetnicks takes a walk down memory lane with Rachael Ray's Lava Flows, from Get Togethers. Since I am currently trying to plan a vacation, I share Cate's fond memories of lovely cocktails.
  • We have an account from a real live guest on Rachael Ray's new talk show! Check out her summary of the experience on GingerAle's blog. One little tidbit from her account: "Rachael was cute, funny, and very sassy and sarcastic. I liked her ever more after I left, even if my experience was a little less wonderful than I would have liked it to be."
  • Food Network Addict has some fun candid shots of Food Network stars, including Rachael Ray. She also lets us know that Rachael will be releasing "'a line of Ray-branded compilations and voicetones in a deal with Epic Records.' Her first CD will be "Holiday Themed" and hits stores Oct. 3." I share in the confusion about what that actually means.
  • TV Squad notes some changes at the Food Network. Did you know that Molto Mario was cancelled? I guess I only really watch Rachael's shows (and Dave Lieberman, of course).
  • Emily at Appetitive Behavior offers one of the simplest, but yummiest (yes, that is a word), recipes around: Spinach and Chickpea salad.
  • Nicole Smith at the DM News Blog gives all you people in Phoenix a heads up: Rachael will be a speaker at the American Magazine Conference Oct 22-24 in Phoenix.
  • Kim at Chef Messy looks beyond her dislike of Rachael's personality and raves about her burger recipes. She made the Spanikopita burgers and decided it is a recipe she "would cook over and over again."
  • TV Food Fan remembered Rachael's birthday. So did someone who emailed me happy birthday because she thought I was Rachael. He also noted her nomination for a Publisher's Weekly Quill award in the Cooking category for 365: No Repeats: A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners. The link for voting is also in the post, so go support Rachael!

UPDATE: I forgot this one! Lisa at the Homesick Texan has a bird's eye view of the filming of Rachael's new talk show! Maybe she can tell us when the line is short....


  1. Hey! They're coming in 45 minutes to film my segment for the Rachael Ray Talk Show. Woo!

  2. Hey! Thanks for linking me! :) Maybe I'm a little harsh on Rachael Ray's personality--I actually think she has a really cute personality. An annoying voice, yes, but cute personality.

    But I love all her cookbooks. Every single one.

    Thanks again for the link--this is a fun blog! Nice to discover it!

    P.S. My name is Kim.

  3. Jeny!!! I am so excited. I seriously want a full report. Email me when it is over!

    My cousin, the star!

    Hey Kim - you are very welcome. I completely understand that her voice grates on some people - she one said she doesn't watch herself on TV in part because her "tv voice" scared the dog! I am glad you like her recipes though. I often feature my opinions on them, so I hope you will become a regular!

  4. Thanks for the link, Madeline! I will most definitely be taking my camera to the office everyday, so not only will I report on the length of the line, but hopefully will get some great shots of RR and guests!

  5. I am looking forward to seeing those pictures!

  6. Molto Mario was cancelled?? Awwww. I really wish Rachael would judge or star in Iron Chef against him OR Bobby Flay...that would rock.

  7. I was bummed by that news too.


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