An Epic Partnership

Jacob at Food Network Addict alerted us to Rachael Ray's imminent entrance into the music business. Okay, well at first neither of us really knew what the press release meant, but more details have been revealed. Business Wire tell us that Rachael has "linked up with Epic Records to introduce fans to one of her great passions - music." If you have watched Inside Dish, you have seen Rachael expressing her major love of music when interviewing celebrities (especially the musicians), so I guess this project makes sense.

The press release says that Rachael will release "hip, every day soundtracks with songs hand picked by Rachael." The titles evidence that Rachael Ray refuses to distance herself from what got her where she is today. The first two CDs are a Christmas CD called "How Cool is That" and a Kids CD called "Too Cool for School." More titles will hit stores in 2007.

Also in the future are "unique cellular voicetones" distributed by Epic that will feature "messages from Rachael- to all major US carriers." Rachael had this to say about her new deal with Epic:
I'm thrilled to partner with Epic...Epic is iconic!" exclaimed Ray. "We've created soundtracks that I would listen to or play at a party, starting off with my picks for Christmas and a funky mix for kids. I start singing holiday songs on Thanksgiving weekend - that's when my tree goes up as well - and, the kid's CD is filled with music that both kids and parents might enjoy."

Now, if you aren't that into music, there is still a reason to buy these CDs: "Some CDs will pack an extra surprise; an enclosed "golden ticket" which grants the contest winner four seats to the Rachael Ray show."


  1. I didn't really watch her celebrity show on Food Network, but I heard her sing once and I wasn't too impressed (I believe it was karaoke on a 40DD show). however, I could be swayed. A kid's CD, huh??

  2. Jennifer - she won't be singing on them - just picking songs for them. It's bascially like a Rachael Ray mix CD.

  3. Ohh okay! LOL! That sounds kind of cute though.

  4. I think it will be. And because of my weakness for all things Rachael Ray, I will most likely buy them. It's what I do.


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