The Insider Features Rachael Ray

Last night, ET's The Insider profiled Rachael Ray as part of the countdown to the premiere on September 18th. You can see the video (which includes more than was on the show) here. Starting with the 50-foot poster outside the studio, Rachael was asked how it felt to have a huge version of herself staring down on the street. She said that as a woman who already wears stretch jeans to hide certain things, seeing herself up there was tough.

Rachael commented that the show has pretty much stayed with her original vision. She wants it to be "a pleasant stomping ground" and "a nice forum," rather than trying to be "all things to all people." When asked what she would wear on the show, Rachael said that she will wear jeans, but she may also wear a skirt when there aren't too many bruises from her dog jumping up on her.

Rachael confirmed that her first guest will be her friend Diane Sawyer. As a teaser, the Insider revealed that Rachael has a rotating set - a first in daytime television. A sneak peek of the fancy new set will air this week on the Insider.

Rachael also reiterated that the main rule on her show is "no crying." She says that she thinks it has only been broken once - when she talked about her dog. Awwwwww.


  1. such a tough cookie, she is. I think it would be nice to see RayRay break down a bit. As bubbly and open as she appears, she doesn't always give us that much insight into how she really is. Not that she has to. Just a thought.

  2. I think the no crying thing may be aimed at keeping the show lighthearted. There are enough tear jerker shows out there, don't ya think?

  3. True. Rosie certainly had a problem trying to balance both lighthearted and serious. I can't imagine (or would want) Ellen bawling every day. I guess we shall see...

  4. I definitely agree with you both on having a more light-hearted balanced show.

    I feel for her losing her dog Boo. Makes me want to cry. My mother-in-law lost our old dog, D.O.G., last year (she ran away and they never found her).

  5. She did a 30-Minute Meals show shortly after Boo died all about the food Boo loved. She got choked up on that one too. It was a tearjerker, especially to someone who has had a pet pass away.


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