Monday, Monday....

How excited am I that Rachael Ray's new talk show starts on Monday? Let me count the ways. I am so excited that:

  1. Other bloggers, like Mike at TV Food Fan, are worried that I might spontaneously combust. Valid worry at this point, people. And hat tip to Mike for alerting me to the last video below, which in turn helped me waste about 20 minutes finding all the other ones.
  2. My husband's eyes hurt from all the eye rolling at me. Here's me: "Husband, are you soooo excited for Monday? Because ya know, that's when Rachael's new show starts. What? No, there's nothing else scheduled on TiVo for 3 in the afternoon. I promise your People's Courts (yes, he records like three a day) will be fine. But did I mention her show starts Monday? Cuz it does!"
  3. I might "call in sick" on Monday. Just kidding, boss! Sort of kidding, I mean. I might really be sick. Cough cough. See?
  4. TiVo might come to life and say: "Madeline. Stop checking. It will record on Monday and every weekday thereafter."
  5. I think I might break the Rachael Ray website from checking it so often. Except for their Blah Blah blog, which isn't really a blog, but that's beside the point.
  6. I am still waiting for my invitation to be at the first taping of the show since I am one of Rachael's biggest fans. Huh? It's not a live show? So they already (gasp) taped the first one? Ummm, okay. Then I am still waiting for my invite to be at a taping of the show.
  7. I still read every single stinking article that I get emailed to me about the show. I think I have figured out that they are all written by the same person who needs a thesaurus. There has to be another word for perky. Please.
  8. I just checked the Rachael Ray site again.
  9. If I was at home right now, I would check my TiVo again.


  1. Thanks, Carrie! I made one of my friends read it before I posted it to make sure it was funny and not scary. Tee hee.

    But I really am excited.

  2. oh my god! she's evn more neurotic as usual!! at first, i was kinda looking forward to het show, but after these previews, i think i'll just skip her sillyness!

  3. And so excited, you're posting twice in one day. ;)

  4. Anony - I think you mean more neurotic than usual? I can understand people saying she is overly perky, but neurotic is not a word I have ever heard to describe her.

    You could try the Megan Mullally show!

  5. The show aired at 9:00 here -- and I LOVED it!!! (The joy of working from home - I can watch shows like this live if I really want to.) I wanted to be in the audience so badly, it looked like a ton of fun and she's such a sweetheart. I definitely will be DVR'ing every day! :)

  6. I saw it today! It was cute! She looked nervous.

  7. It's on when I'm at work. I guess, I'll catch it on a sick day sometime.

  8. Jacki and Rachel - I am sooo glad to hear it! I get to see it in just a few minutes and couldn't be more excited.

    Garrett - you need to get a TiVo. Now!!!


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