A Rachael Ray Primer

Many people have never heard of Rachael Ray or just recently learned about her. Not for long! While you can learn about Rachael on her website, the MSM (in its great wisdom) has recently decided to teach you all there is to know about her.

According to one article, Rachael Ray is becoming a pop culture reference (did you hear her mentioned on Nip/Tuck?) and with her new talk show, Rachael has been doing a ton of press. There are many articles out there aimed at introducing Rachael to the world. Now, I usually don't post these pieces because (a) they normally don't include something new about Rachael and (b) they are generally fluff pieces. But, since there are so many new people finding out about Rachael (as evidenced in part by the huge jump in hits on Everything Rachael Ray, thanks for visiting!), I thought it would be helpful to share a couple.

One Rachael Ray mini-biography was published by ABC's 20/20 in anticipation of their feature on Rachael that aired on September 22, 2006. You can also check out some video from the piece. This quote explains a lot about Rachael: "Relaxing freaks me out. All that massage and a Zen moon doggie, listen to the chimes and the ocean, let some lady rub you," she said. "It just freaks me out. I'm not good with the calm . . . I'm high-strung . . . I've been in a knot since birth. I want to stay that way."

People magazine offers another (shorter) piece about Rachael. This one focuses more on her personal life than on her history, but is still informative. Everyone seems to ask Rachael about whether she will have kids. This is her standard response, but with something added I have never heard before: "I'm almost 40; chances are I won't have a child," says Ray. "I don't have time to do that properly. That doesn't mean one day I wouldn't adopt." Adopt? How lucky would that kid be? Good food all the time, swanky NYC apartment, Mom's on TV, lots of free stuff, hanging out with Oprah. Do you think I am too old for her to adopt me?

[Photo from ABC News]


  1. LOL definitely not too old.. i'll put your name in when she's looking for *kids* to adopt ;)

  2. Thanks for looking out for me, Carrie!


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