Rachael Ray Roundup

I can never decide whether to use the same picture every week on the Roundup to whether to change it. I generally am not a big fan of change and like the cozy feeling of seeing the same picture of Rachael every week at the Roundup. Is it just me? This is an equal opportunity blog, so feel free to share your thoughts with me about this and many other inconsequential topics. Everyone needs a little escape every once in awhile, right? But anyways, here's the Roundup of what the blogosphere is saying about Rachael Ray. See you next week, after Rachael Ray's talk show FINALLY premieres.

  • Rootietoot at Because It's Personal offers her take on many Food Network chefs. Like many, she is not a fan of RR's abbreviations or perkiness, but can't deny that "by golly her food tastes GOOD!" This is a funny post - perfect for a Friday.
  • JayJenny at Our Life Together includes Rachael Ray on her top 10 TV personalities list. I don't know who Chelsea Handler is, but she has a super cute website. Am I old enough now to be out of the loop like this! I know that Britney had her baby, does that make me cool?
  • Shelterrific offers a test of Rachael Ray's Mac and Cheese with Jalapenos (a favorite in my house too). RR's recipe is the go-to recipe "mainly because it takes no effort and it reminds me to put in a can of chopped jalapenos."
  • MSN posted a 61-second video featuring Rachael's broiling techniques. I had no idea MSN was posting Food Network videos. Again, out of the loop. Darnnit. Hopefully you won't have to endure the worst pepto bismol ad ever made like I did. Cross your fingers.
  • Heather at Eating for One tried a Rachael Ray recipe for her Totally Turkey Tuesday. She used one of Rachael's turkey meatball recipes as inspiration and they "turned out quite well."
  • Mike at TV Food Fan also mentions how out of the loop I am in a post about the Food Network Behind the Scenes blog. The post also discussed the newFood Network cookbook, How to Boil Water, which I wrote about over at Food Bound, if you are interested in learning more about it.
  • Ryan at Ryan's Randomness is worried about not being able to watch Rachael's new talk show. Seriously Ryan, TiVo is worth every single stinking dime. It is a life altering machine. It's time to invest.
  • Nau-dee at Nau-Dee Creations tweaked Rachael Ray's Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs with great success. And she offers pictures detailing the process, too! I tend to only do that when I make a really big mess.
  • SmileyCarrie offers yet another great recipe for our review: Scuderi Kids' Fast, Fake-Baked Ziti and Red Beans and Greens Salad. I always have issues getting sauces to thicken too. Are we not adding enough flour? Not enough heat? Learning to cook is a process....
  • Fosco at Fosco Lives! offers a review of a San Francisco tapas restaurant recommended by Rachael Ray on Tasty Travels called Bocadillos. Wow, there was a ton of information in that sentence. Sorry, I digress. He found that the food was good, but the service was obnoxious.

UPDATE: Had to add this one because it is just tooooo good to pass up. Food Network Addict offers a great post with a bunch of pictures from RR's set (and the usual fun snarky commentary!).


  1. Wanted to let you know I did a big Postabout the USA Today article I just saw about Rachael. Lots of funny pics of her on the set! Think I was a little late getting it posted to make your roundup.

  2. Madeline,

    I didn't mean for my Food Network Blog post to make it sound like you were out of the loop! You're always 100% ahead of the curve!

    I had only found the blog recently and, as I said in the post, they're doing absolutely nothing to promote it.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. But Mike, I am out of the loop. I think I am having a crisis because my 29th birthday is 2 weeks away, which means that 30 is only 1 year and 2 weeks away....

    Thank God for my Us Weekly subscription.

  4. Well, happy early birthday!

    I just turned thirty this spring. It's not as bad as it sounds, believe me.

    And I can honestly say that you cover your site's topic as thoroughly and currently as any site I know.


  5. Why thank you - for both the early b-day wish and the kind words.

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has issues thickening sauces ;)

    Happy early birthday!!!!! I think Rachael should have you on her show as bday present! And maybe could you take me? hehe


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