Rachael Ray v. Megan Mullally

We are officially at the one week mark for the premiere of Rachael Ray's new talk show, titled Rachael Ray. Thanks to dB at Food Candy for sending me the picture at left, which he took on the New York subway last week. The media hype machine is clearly in full effect.

There are few things that excite the media more than a rivalry (okay, breakups, weddings and babies are a few), but he press is all abuzz about the upcoming contest between two new talk shows: Rachael Ray and The Megan Mullally Show. The shows will be placed head to head in many markets. Let's take a look at what each has to offer (although I am sure there is little doubt regarding which one I will be watching).

The Akron Beacon Journal did a little piece on upcoming fall shows. It described the Megan Mullally show as "vintage talk/variety shows like Dinah Shore's and Mike Douglas' as inspirations, along with interactive elements." Other articles state that Mullally's show will be devoted to celebrity interviews. Another article mentions that Megan's show will definitely be different than what's currently out there: "There is a strong variety element to the show, so down the road we may have The Megan Mullally Dancers or something like that," Mullally said. "Since I've been a fan of talk shows all along, and variety shows, I've basically gone through and taken all of my favorite elements from all the shows that I've really liked and stolen them."

One media big-wig said: "We saw an opportunity this year for an advertiser-friendly, lighter type show," Mr. Wallach said of "The Megan Mullally Show." "Post 9/11, it's pretty clear people want to be entertained and laugh and take a break from all the stuff that's out there. You've seen that in a lot of areas of television. That's why we chose to go with a show like `Megan."'

In The Beacon Journal Rachael Ray refers to her show as "a 'smushed together' combination of her previous shows with food, travel and celebrities, along with the studio audience and ideas from viewers." According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, "much of the syndicated TV buzz this fall has centered on the perky Ray, partly because her fame has skyrocketed and partly because talk queen Oprah Winfrey is co-producing "Rachael Ray." It states the show will "be devoted to cooking, travel and other lifestyle topics."

The New Orleans Times-Picayune opines that Rachael's show "appears to be angling for the younger fringes of Martha Stewart's crowd." Rachael also had this to say about the show:
"I actually went in search of a really fit, healthy body-trainer person, and then I gave him the assignment to give me the better-than-nothing workout, the absolute least I can do to button my jeans. Has to be no special equipment. You don't have to go to a gym. You could do it at home. And it's the absolute least you could do to keep your doctor happy and your jeans buttoned.

"The content in each show is a patchwork, so if you're really not into whatever's going on in one segment, there's something else going on in the show that day that would appeal to men, women, old, young, you have kids, you don't, you're urban, you're suburban, whatever. So I like that whole 'anybody can play' sort of idea."

Now, if you are reading this blog, I am pretty sure which one you will watch. Feel free to give Megan Mullally a chance, just promise that you will end up watching Rachael Ray!


  1. Yeah... I think I'll try to tune into Rachael's show before Megan's. I really give credit to Megan as an actress and perfomer, but the talk show style she describes for her show has really been perfected by others (i.e. the hosts she looked up to) in my mind. Seems like a hard show to keep up when there are so many other options. Maybe that's why I'm so pessimistic, as I pointed out today when I compared Rachael's talkshow and Paula's new talkshow at Food Network Addict

  2. Of course I'll be checking out Rachael's show if I get a chance to do so. Plus, I can't stand Megan Mullaly's voice...

  3. I think the rivalry between them is more of a media creation than anything else. It seems to me that they are shooting at two different audiences.

    I don't think my husband really understands how full TiVo will be soon1

  4. In New York Megan and Rachael's show will not be up against each other. Rachael Ray will be on at 10:00AM and Megan Mullally will be on at 3:00PM. I will be able to watch both shows. I wish them both the best of luck with their shows.

  5. Hey Susie - you are lucky because, as the article said, they are up against eachother in "many markets."

  6. I have tickets to the Rachael Ray Show for next Tuesday. I am looking forward to seeing the show.

  7. Susie - I am so jealous. I hope you will send me an email to let me know how it was. My cousin recently went and had a great time.


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