Rachael Ray's Talk Show This Week

Here are the highlights from the schedule for Rachael Ray's new talk show this week:

Monday: How to do a family dinner night, unique gift ideas and a "real girlfriend" test.

Tuesday: Dr. Phil visits with a recipe for a one-pot meal.

Wednesday: A woman who lost 70 pounds making Rachael Ray recipes, Emmitt Smith, and recipes for what's left in the bottom of the jar.

Thursday: Survivor host Jeff Probst, three new chicken recipes, and kid costumes made from household items.

Friday: How to find hidden ingredients in a grocery store, a magician visits, how to shave 5 minutes of your morning beauty routine, and a recipe for tomato, bacon and onion pasta sauce.

The Rachael Ray website also offers video clips from next week's shows and a recipe ingredient list so you can cook along with Rachael.


  1. Where is the one with David Boreanez? That's the show I'm on!

  2. Do we have to wait for another week? What the h? Seems like an appearance by him (and you) would have been highlighted...

  3. I haven't had a chance to catch her show, since I'm always at work when her show is on. I guess I'm going to have to watch clips online!

  4. Thanks for the weekly schedule.. thats helpful! I'm very intrigued how a woman lost so much weight after eating Rachael Ray's recipes.. can't wait to see that one!

  5. Yuzu - it's all about TiVo! Or a sick day... They do put a bunch of clips from each week's show online.

    Carrie - you should check out the pictures of her on www.rachaelrayshow.com. She has on a pair of her old pants to show her old waistline. It's crazy.

    I lost about 15 pounds after starting to cook her recipes (but I had a big white dress to get into, which helped motivate me to work out, too).


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