See Rachael Ray's Set on ET

The set of Rachael Ray's new talk show was unveiled this week on ET. Rachael had an interview with Mary Hart (who still looks great, by the way). Rachael then gave Mary a tour of the set. You can see video of the set tour here. You can't really tell from the picture here, but the audience seats spin around in the center of the room, so that they face whichever area of the set is being used (the kitchen, the den, etc.). Rachael said, "Isn't this so disco?" There is also an antique bar and a kitchen table for chatting.

Rachael mentioned that since they were going for a "New York City loft" feel, she will make her entrance using a big huge elevator.

"It felt very homey here from the get-go," Rachael says of the set. "Everything sits within a home, it's an actual working home -- a living room, a kitchen, a driveway. The layout of the place here makes it feel very family-oriented and very together."

One of Rachael's favorite aspects is how much a part of the show her in-studio guests are. "The audience literally sits in the middle of the show and they can spin around and turn with the action of the show," she reveals. "Everything's going on around them but they feel very included in everything, because they are."

Rachael also talks about the snack of the day, which helps make sure "[o]ur blood sugar level never gets scary low and people don't get too cranky. It could be cookies, popcorn, Maui onion potato chips. You never know here!" I hope that aspects of the show like this and its unique set make it different from all the others out there. We will have to wait until Monday to see!


  1. OK--so now the word is out on her cool set. I couldn't say anything before--you know, contract. But let's just say I was sitting at the kitchen table. Ah yee-ah!

  2. Jeny!!!

    Man, I am turning green over here....


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