So Many Reviews of Rachael Ray's New Talk Show, So Little Time

The number of reviews of Rachael Ray's new talk show is staggering! I think many TV journalists have been saving up some of their favorite big words for this premiere. Hopefully all these folks will tire quickly of their "Ray of Sunshine" and "Ray of Light" headlines. Talk about exhausting!

I will also take this opportunity to say that after watching the second show yesterday, I think the show is going to be a big hit. She was still excited, but in a cute way. She did not interrupt Oprah and there were way less video clips, which made it seem less hectic. I also liked the longer cooking segment. And did you see the Jambasta? I yelled out "I made that!" Don't you feel sorry for my husband?

So, I was happy on Tuesday with how it turned out, with a few reservations, but now I am really really excited about the show's future. Good job, Rach! Here is a little collection of what's out there from many different reviewers.

The ratings first:

  • Broadcasting and Cable was very positive about the ratings: "King World’s Rachael Ray opened Monday with the highest numbers of any first-run syndicated show since Dr. Phil debuted in 2002."
  • ET Online calls the show an overnight success and offers some insight about her ratings: "In addition to her 2.8/9 quick overnight ratings; the sassy syndy freshman was number one in New York at 10 a.m., besting MARTHA STEWART three to one. In Los Angeles, she doubled her Early Show lead-in and more than tripled her lead-in in Chicago. Rachael also won her time-slot in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Sacramento, Orlando, Raleigh-Durham, San Antonio, Buffalo and Fort Meyers. Overall, Rachael finished first or second in 28 of the 55 metered markets."
  • Mediaweek was less excited about the ratings than others. It informs us that Rachael had the best ratings of the new syndicated talk shows, with Megan Mullally coming in second. In comparison to Martha's debut last year, Mediaweek says "initial results for The Rachael Ray Show are good, but not spectacular."
  • The New York Daily Times talked to Rachael about the ratings: "I don't know what any of [the ratings] mean," Ray said yesterday, "but people around here seem to be pretty happy." So much so, Ray said, the staff was drinking champagne. "[Ratings] are not my business," she said. "It's cooking and solving small problems and telling mediocre jokes."

Now the reviews:

  • Variety offers some postive feedback: "A more accessible, less felonious version of Martha Stewart, Ray has the basic tenets of being a good host and girlfriend down pat. She's constantly feeding her audience. She encourages viewers to raid the fridge at commercial breaks. She offers up grocery lists online for the next day's menu so viewers can cook along. She's even trimmed down her half-hour dishes to just seven minutes." But Variety also notes that Rachael's energy level was over the top.
  • The Hollywood Reporter calls it: "Carefully tailored to service the soccer mom crowd racing between work and kids and shopping, 'The Rachael Ray Show' is a syndie daytime talk show-cum-pep rally targeting viewers who are double-parked." So, she thinks it moves too quickly. Got it. This one includes lots of details in case you missed the premiere.
  • The New York Daily News gave Rachael's show two stars and Megan Mullally's zero stars. To sum up this review: "Rachael Ray, who comes from the Food Network, was fair. Megan Mullally, fresh from NBC's "Will & Grace," was foul."
  • The New York Post also gave Rachael's show two stars (out of four) and said: "With her seemingly limitless energy (and a voice whose volume is always turned up to 11), an hour spent with Ray can be an exhausting experience."
  • Keeping with the New York trend, the New York Times also weighed in. The review begins on a negative note: "Ms. Ray’s first show was beyond bubbly. Watching it was like opening a shaken bottle of club soda and having it fizz all over the room." But it ends on a positive one: "But it’s a perfect fit. The frantically busy new talk-show format gives Ms. Ray’s outsize personality more room to crow and plenty of guests and strangers to eclipse. For her legions of passionately devoted fans, there is even more of her to love." I have always wanted to be part of a legion. Finally!
  • The Hartford Courant offers reviews of both the many of the new talk shows, including Rachael Ray. The author underestimates us: "It's tough to imagine audiences keeping up with her (still, she posts a grocery list each day for the next episode's recipe). But she looks primed for success because the show is produced in part by Oprah's Harpo Productions, whose last new star also began his new season Monday - Dr. Phil." Overall it was a positive review.
  • Daniel Fineberg of Zap2it is a Rachael Ray fan who says: "But Rachael's about more than hastily concocted snacks. In a filmed segment, she jumps out of a plane with a terrified fan. When was the last time you say Oprah do that?" He also concluded his review by saying: "So. Tired." I agree that it was an exhausting episode, but give her a break - she was excited!
  • TMZ was not impressed with Rachael's choice of Diane Sawyer as her first guest.
  • The St. Petersburg Times found that "She talks too fast, too loud and too much. She’s a little too chummy when she needs to take time to let relationships develop. On Day 1 of her new nationally syndicated daytime talk show, she was exhausting." But, the Times wisely notes: "Remember Ellen DeGeneres’ first weeks as a talk show diva? Rather dismal. Now she’s an Emmy winner."
  • The Chicago Tribune noticed the spinach thing too, but noted the ratings success. A spokesman for the show said it was taped on September 7, before the E. Coli breakout.
  • The New York Daily News says she is rewriting recipes to take the spinach out of next week's shows.


  1. Hi I am posting this comment after seeing Rachael's show this morning 2/27/07. The fashion consultant was extremely critical of an actress who had decided to use her scarf as a fashionable sash, I couldn't help but feel that she was discriminating against a fashion style that a PREDOMINANT number of woman throughout the world wear. Who is this SO CALLED EXPERT who says "This style is simply not in fashion!" Whatever, you just lost a viewer because I felt that Rachael was encouraging this racist behavior!

  2. Hi Anony,

    Leaving your comment here on a really old post is probably not the most efficient way to be heard. I recommend either posting your comment on the page for today's show, here on Rachael's talk show website. Or, you could send Rachael's show an e-mail or letter using the contact information here.


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