Time Magazine Features Rachael Ray

The headline for Time's recent article about Rachael Ray is a study in understatement: Rachael Ray Has A Lot On Her Plate. While the article begins with implied doom and gloom ("If she can hold on to her fan base, Rachael Ray will be famous for the next 80 years."), it is a fairly unbiased account of Rachael Ray and her career, if a bit snarky at times (see the last paragraph of the article for an example). In contrast to the article's headline, the body of the article dives into hyperbole when given the chance: "Ray is a rabid cheerleader whose shtick is that moxie and a good attitude will get you as far as you want." Rabid cheerleader? Really?

On a side note, the article reveals that before Rachael enters her new talk show set, the audience watches clips "set to the insanely upbeat song Life Is a Highway," which is one of my favorite songs ever. In fact, I downloaded the Rascal Flatts version last week before heading out on my Labor Day roadtrip. Seriously. Great minds think alike. But anyways, back to the article.

The magazine asked celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck about Rachael:

"She reminds me of Julia Child," says Wolfgang Puck, the celebrated Los Angeles chef whose back Ray is rubbing even though they just met an hour ago. "She has a completely different personality, but the message is the same. The message is, she's not elitist. She gives confidence to people to go into their own kitchens."

Another interesting aspect of the article is the clues about the new show that it gives. In the first few episodes, we will see Rachael helping Wolfgang Puck pick wines at the Sterling Vineyard in Napa (I've been there!) for the Oscars' Governors Ball, she serves audience members personally during the show's daily snack time, and "[w]hile some new shows have to pay audiences or bus them in from nursing homes, Ray had a waiting list of 19,000 for her 110 seats before taping started."

We also learn that Rachael does the show without a teleprompter, cue cards, earpiece or writers. That takes talent, people. Go check out the full article here and submit questions to Rachael here. Time says it will post a collection of her answers to the questions next week.

[Photo from Time]

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