Well, She Does Have a Record....

My, my, my. What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. Martha got herself in some trouble yesterday! Page Six reported that "Martha Stewart is obviously worried about Rachel Ray - the celebrity chef whose new TV show starts today on Channel 7. Four Stewart staffers using fake names tried to infiltrate Ray's audience at a taping last week, a source told PAGE SIX, but the spies were recognized by a security guard who also works for Stewart." (I wish they would have spelled Rachael's name correctly, but whatever. )

Martha! For shame!

The official word from Rachael's camp was: "We did have a group at a taping on Wednesday who misrepresented themselves and were turned away from being in the studio audience." Martha's camp responded by stating: "No one from Martha Stewart misrepresented themselves. In fact, a Rachel staffer who they knew well greeted them warmly, even asked if she could get them better seats. For reasons unknown to us, they were asked to leave by one of Martha's former audience coordinators, not by a security guard - and they did so."

How interesting that this story was reported on the same day as Rachael Ray's premiere. Iiinnntteresting, I say. My review of the show will be posted shortly, so come back this afternoon!

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