Behind the Scenes on the Rachael Ray Show

The articles about Rachael Ray's talk show are starting to all sound the same. But, luckily, a couple have offered some fun little behind the scenes stories. One is found in an article by Ben Grossman at Broadcasting & Cable. He tells the story of how a tray of pita bread caught on fire during a recent taping. The show's staff called the President of Creative Affairs and Development for King World Productions and Paramount Domestic Television to discuss how to deal with the issue. Her response was "to tell producers to leave the mishap in the show. The call was unnecessary. Ray never missed a beat, laughing as she pointed out that she had made another culinary faux pas." Rachael told the audience "We show you the messes and the successes.”

This article in the Northwest Herald reveals how many shows from Rachael Ray we can expect in the next year: "Ray, a self-described workaholic, is signed on for 180 episodes of the day-time talk show, 100 new episodes of her Food Network shows, and is involved in her magazine 'Everyday with Rachael Ray.'"

Sarah Bloomquist of channel 6abc, from Philadelphia, visited a taping of the Rachael Ray show in Manhattan. She says that while the seats only about 150 people, "she has had thousands of requests for tickets to watch a taping of the show." Bloomquist learned that the set was designed by the same person who designed the set for Friends. That's some good resume builder, huh? Interestingly, Bloomquist says that there were "no teleprompter, no scripts, no earpiece for Rachael. She just rolls with it, and she does it so well." You can watch video of Bloomquist's interview with Rachael here by scrolling down to the Video on Demand box.

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