How to Get Tickets to the Rachael Ray Show

People are always asking me how to get tickets to Rachael Ray's talk show and since things have changed since the last time I posted about it, I thought an update was in order. Just remember that this is the most I can do to help you since I don't know Rachael and Rachael doesn't know me! So, here's the deal.

On the Web:

The best way to get tickets (from what I hear through the grapevine) is to get them through the Rachael Ray show website. Click on this link and scroll down to the bottom. Enter in all the relevant information, cross your fingers, hit submit, and hope for the best.

By Phone:

Or, if you are technologically challenged, you can call (917) 332-3200. When you call, you are supposed to leave your name, phone number and desired dates. Check the website to see which dates they are currently offering tickets for (it's in the first paragraph).


You should also read all the information posted before the form, too. I feel the need to highlight at least one part of it, just in case you plan on traveling far in hopes of seeing Rachael Ray:

What you should know:
Admission to the studio is on a first-come first-served basis. Reservations are not guaranteed and tape dates are subject to change. The show does not reimburse travel expenses due to show cancellations or schedule changes. In the event that we have to cancel a show, we will notify you as soon as possible and do our best to reschedule your visit for a taping thatÂ’s convenient for you. Unfortunately, if you are an out-of-town guest, we may not be able to accommodate you for another taping during your visit.

Let Me Know:

So, just keep that in mind and you will be okay! Let me know about any experiences you have at a show taping by emailng me at everythingrachaelray at gmail dot com.


  1. Your website is as great as your TV show! You have inspired me as a cook, who enjoys watching you invent new recipes daily. I have become liberated as a cook by adopting the manner in which you cook. I used to measure everything, when I cooked & baked. Now I use your method of cooking & I enjoy doing it so much more. By the way, I have a suggestion for you. Since you are short-waisted, you shuld not wear belted tops or dresses as you do sometimes because they make you look shorter on TV. Because I am long-waisted I wear belts to cut my height. Take care & thanks again for your help! Pat Perkins

  2. Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for your comment, but this blog is not written by Rachael Ray. At the beginning and end of the posts it says "Madeline" - that's me.

    And I'm not short waisted, so I unfortunately can't take advantage of your tip either....

  3. what has your experience been in terms of what time you need to get in line to make sure you get into the show?

  4. Anony, I've never been to the show, so I can't give you any personal insight. However, I have heard of people getting there several hours early.

  5. I went to a taping last week. The episode with Jessica Simpson. I arrived about 7:30 am for the 10:15taping. The line forms fast. Sometimes ticket holders do not get in. It really is first come, first served. There were a lot of VIPs also. These are people who had tickets to a taping but did not make it in. They are given VIP status. This means guaranteed entry the next time you come to a taping. The audience staff really checks you out. The dress code she has on her website is strictly enforced. After going to security we were all lead into a very crowded room. There was coffee, bottled water and prepackaged very cold Sara Lee bagels. Some butter and cream cheese, too. No room to really fix the bagel. The whole set up seemed awkward for a cooking show. However, better than nothing. I am sure the people in that back of the line actually got nothing lol.We were seated and the warm up guy was great. Played games for prizes too. The set is amazing. The taping was fun to watch and participate in. Many have told me that RR is a bit of a *itch. She seemed nice. Not friendly towards the audience though. That disapointed me a bit.
    However, she does so many taping and she is at work so maybe she just is immune to it all. We were given a nice goodie bag on the way out. All in all a nice day in the city.

  6. Anyone knows how long is the wait from registering till they actually give you the tickets?

  7. Hi I was chosen for tickets and will go to the taping this Wednesday 3/4. Does anyone know when that show actually airs. I want to make sure I record it. I'm also curious to see how I can find out who the celebrity guest will be.

  8. In response to how long you wait for tickets, we signed up in October and got a response in February so it was about 4 months.

  9. Does anyone know if an 8 year old can be in the audience w/ their parent?

  10. I requested tickets and heard back in less than a week. Maybe the demand isn't as great in the winter? I'm going on Wed. Jan 29th. They changed the check in time from 2:15 to 1:45.We live on Long Island. My husband has a 10:00 Dr appointment so we won't get in till about 12. Hope that is early enough

  11. Me, my mother Eleanor, Mary, Malkia, Charisma, Faustin, Oswald, my girlfriend and Victor Harewood are attending for a live taping on Tues. Sept. 22nd 2014 at 4:00PM shall we make an request to get the tickets for a live taping to see the show, but if we can't make it to the show, will it be possible that we have to wait until the year 2015?

  12. Hi Anonymous, this is not Rachael Ray's website - it's a fan site run by me, so I can't help you with that. Please contact the show for information. Thanks!


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