Let the Predictions Begin

So, the inevitable predictions about the future of Rachael Ray have begun. I think the journalists want to be able to say that they called it if it fails. I wonder if they will reveal their dire predictions if it succeeds.

Not all of the journalists believe the show will fail. Brooks Barnes of the Wall Street Journal points out that syndicated shows have a habit of being very risky, but point out that Rachael's show was not launched cold and instead followed the formula used by Dr. Phil - they introduced Rachael through Oprah's show. When asked about her role in the future of syndication, Rachael said: "I can't worry about the future of syndication," Ms. Ray said earlier this summer. "I can only be me."

According to Media Daily News, Rachael's first week numbers bode well for the future of the show: "Given her first day's numbers, it is a hit; and there is potential for a [long-term] hit," says Bill Carroll, vice president of director of programming for national TV sales rep, Katz Televison Group. . . "Then, in two or three weeks, we'll have a good idea where she settles in."

TV Week notes that the show's ratings went down on Day 3, but Megan Mullally's went up on Day 3. However, TV Week also reveals that Rachael's show had higher ratings that Megan Mullally's show and had better ratings than her lead in shows, both of which are good signs.

Lee-Anne Gordon of the Canadian Press wonders about the future of the show on the basis that Rachael's "shouting" could turn off viewers. Gordon wonders if Rachael is Oprah's first misstep. Let's hope not.


  1. My biggest gripe is her interrupting people and shouting a lot. She needs to calm down...that's just my opinion though. Plus I can only catch like 15 minutes of the show before I have to pick my daughter up. :/

  2. I would prefer to watch Martha Stewart. They are up against each other. Rachael annoys me with her loud voice.

  3. I agree... she really needs to calm down a tad; i understand that is her and all but sometimes its a little in-your-face? I made another recipe last night... need to update my blog so I can make the weekly round-up!

  4. Jennifer and Carrie - maybe it's just me but I think the interrupting and the loudness is getting much better as she goes along. I think she just might have been overcaffinated and excited at the same time. ;)

    Anony - you are more than welcome to watch Martha, but as I have said before, Martha really stresses me out. I find her show unwatchable, but that is why I am a Rachael fan and not a Martha fan! Ah, the glory of choice!

  5. madeline -- you should read this post and the comments about martha's show!

  6. Good suggestion, Ali! I feel the same way about Martha as the commentors on that post - I love her magazines and products and stuff, but just really don't like the show. I used an article from her Weddings magazine as the inspiration for the theme for my wedding (a fern leaf).


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