Na-bis-co, Ding!

Subscribers to Every Day with Rachael Ray may have noticed a cute little fold-out ad in the November issue that features recipes for Nabisco products. Rachael has teamed up with Nabisco to create a user-friendly website where you can find recipes that use Ritz, Wheat Thins, Sociables, Premum and Triscuit crackers. The recipes are aimed at holiday parties, so there is a wide variety of dips and spreads for the crackers. There are recipes for Refried Red Beans with Tomato and Poblano, Tuna and White Bean Salad, and Spinach, Garlic and Vegetable Dip.

There's also a cookbook offer and a sweepstakes for a trip to New York City to meet Rachael. And yes, of course I entered (twice so far)!


  1. She really is all over the place. Crazy. Has November's issue seriously been mailed out and received already? I haven't even received October's yet. Ugh, I hate bulk mail.

  2. I just got my November issue on Saturday. I read somewhere that she said all these people are coming to her and they are great opportunities, so she is striking while the iron is hot.

  3. does anybody care to send me the recipe for a shrimp recipe in tomato sauce served with bread. i saw it in the novmber issue at the doctors office

  4. Hey Anony,

    I couldn't find one from the November issue of Rachael Ray's magazine, but I did find this one in the April issue.

    You can search the recipes from the magazine at

  5. I can't find the Garlic Spinach dip recipe that was on the back of the wheat thins box during the holiday's. I need it, where do I find it?


  6. Anony - I think you might be out of luck! The recipes are no longer posted online and I didn't save them anywhere. However, they seem to post the same recipes each year, so keep an eye out when Christmas time comes again.....


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