Rachael Ray Roundup

As I publish this post, I am heading out the door to my very first trial all by myself (it's a small one, but still....), so blame any typos on nervousness. Think good thoughts for me as I pretend I am really a lawyer.

Here are this week's posts about Rachael Ray from around the blogosphere. If you write a post about Rachael Ray, please send me an email so that I can include it! Have a great weekend and happy Friday!

  • The Celebrity Baby Blog reports on Rachael's feelings about having kids in light of her busy schedule.
  • The Columbus Foodie prepared Rachael Ray's Apple Fritters and they look outstanding. "Super simple to make, and for once, I didn’t change anything about the recipe."
  • Andrew Meagher of the Compete Blog reports that the website for Rachael Ray's TV show is "[l]eading the way in terms of growth with a 505% increase in unique visitors was culinary cutie Rachael Ray, whose new syndicated show debuted with strong ratings that week."
  • Jacob at Food Network Addict puts Rachael on the cover of Newsweek.
  • This one is going on my must-try list. Baby J tried Rachael's mini mudpie and found that it works well with just about any ice cream.
  • Sherree at Dan & Sherree reviews the Rachael Ray show.
  • A Taste of Home is back, this time with Beef Stroganoff. Looks like some good comfort food to me.
  • Jennifer at Pie is the New Toast shared a recipe that was shown on $40 a Day: Stuffed French Toast. She promises to give it a try and provide some pictures. I am going to hold you to that promise, Jennifer!
  • Mike at TV Food Fan considers the Rachael Ray v. Mario Batali schools of thought during his discussion of PBS' Christopher Kimball. He gets bonus points for using the word "pendantic" correctly in a sentance.
  • Eating Well on Dialysis provides another example of how Rachael Ray recipes can be altered to fit your style. This time it was Thai Chicken Noodle Soup. She also tried Cornflake Tilapia.
  • Domestic Chicky tried Rachael's Spaghetti and Meatball Stoup and it was a "big hit." The meatballs were especially tasty, so she had the great idea of making extra and freezing them.


  1. Thanks for asking Carrie! Actually it ended being pretty anticlimactic because the judge didn't really want to hear any argument. I was hoping he would ask questions so that I could get some experience with that, but he didn't! I've decided that it must be because our briefs were so good....

    We should know the outcome in the next two months!

  2. Thanks so much for the link! The stoup really WAS tasty! Definitely a keeper. This looks like a great site-Rachael would be SO proud!

  3. Give me a couple of weeks and it will be done. I'm already drooling in my sleep thinking about the French Toast!!! :D

    And hey, I'm taking a legal class right now for Business, it's quite interesting. I have to brief 7 different cases depending on various issues (tort law, intellectual vs real property, etc). It's such a hard class but very interesting!

  4. Chicky - you are welcome! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the recipe. I certainly hope Rachael would be proud of me!

    Jennifer - Briefing cases is such a bore! By the third year of law school, mine study group and I were splitting up the classes so we only had to brief cases for one class.


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