Rachael Ray Roundup

The launch of Everything Rachael Ray's redesign (thanks again, Maddie) and my interview being published at Food Candy made this an exciting week. I couldn't be happier with how the site redesign turned out. Although my friend Erich says it makes him hungry, which could be a good or a bad thing. I made sure to bring all your compliments to Maddie's attention and she appreciated them.

The week got even better when I got an email saying that I should get my new Rachael Ray cookbook, Classic 30 Minute Meals, soon! Okay, on to this week's Roundup! Here is what the blogosphere has to say about Rachael Ray and her recipes this week:

  • Whitney Matheson at USA Today's Pop Candy shares Yahoo's list of the Top 20 Misspelled Searches. Guess whose name tops the list? Jason Lee Miller of Web Pro News offers some interesting commentary on Rachael's inclusion on the list.
  • Broadsheets chronicles the debate going on over at Salon about the article I linked to this week.
  • Cate at Sweetnicks tried Cream of Cheddar soup from Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Get Real Meals: Cream of Cheddar Soup. I have to quote her comments: "Again, Oh.My.God. Velvety smooth and creamy, it went down nice and easy. So quick to make, and you must, just must, make it." Cate also made Linguine with Rach's Cupboard Red Clam Sauce from Express Lane Meals and it was a hit, too. Cate ended the week on a a good note (but not a "wow" one) with another 30 Minute Get Real Meals recipe: Lime Chicken Avocado Salad.
  • Taste of Home did some tweaking of her own on Rachael Ray's Grilled Chicken Thighs Cacciatore with Super Smashed Garlic Potatoes.
  • Joi at Get Cooking offers some excerpts from an OK! Magazine interview with Rachael Ray.
  • Patti at Adventures in Food and Wine tried two Rachael Ray recipes. The first was Spicy Thai Chicken (one of my personal favorites) and it was so good that there were no leftovers. She also made the Vegetable Ravioli Lasagna. It was so good that her co-workers requested the recipe. Go check out the great pictures, too.
  • Glitter and Gossip offers some tidbits from Rachael's interview of Jessica Simpson.
  • Oscars in Order with Recipes tried Rachael Ray's Everything Lo Mein recipe to go with her viewing of Frank Capra's You Can't Take it With You. It's such a creative premise for a blog: She's watching all Oscar winning movies in order, one a week, with a themed dinner to go along. What a great idea!
  • Grant McCracken discusses what Rachael Ray can teach us about branding in the marketing context (not the cattle context, obviously). One little taste of what Grant thinks: "In the post-Rachael era, a new approach emerges. Now we want to sell what food turns into, the meals, the social occasions, the brimming kitchens, people communing, families eating..and talking...and being a family."
  • VeuveClicquot at Sugar Delirium offers her thoughts on Every Day with Rachael Ray. She initially makes similar observations to the ones made in the Salon article I discussed this week and ends with a positive review of the magazine.
  • Just Salt jumps in this week's Rachael Ray fray.
  • Alysha at The Savory Notebook got an idea from Rachael's Kielbasa Reuben sandwiches to make a Kielbasa Rachael sandwich. Read the post to learn what the difference is between a Reuben and a Rachael! And check out those cookies she made, too....
  • Di at Cooking with Rachael and Friends put her own spin on Rachael Ray's New England Turkey Burgers with the Works. She decided she would definitely make it again.


  1. Glad to see everyone likes the new look :) it was so much fun working with you!

  2. It was wonderful working with you, too!

  3. What a great website! It seems we have several things in common. I live about 10 miles from Roseville and also work in law as a paralegal.

  4. Julie - we're neighbors! Thanks for the compliment, too. I have fun writing it so it is always nice to hear that people enjoy reading it, too.

  5. Your site looks great!

    My son was disappointed that we didn't try the onion rings that Rachael Ray cooked up with those kielbasa Reubens. ;)

  6. Alysha - I would have been disappointed too, but I have an onion ring addiction!


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