Rachael Ray Roundup

I thought things were going to calm down this week for Rachael Ray - no such luck. Her appearance at the American Magazine Conference caused quite a buzz, with the new burger joint and just the fact that people get all worked up when she gives an interview anywhere. I am so glad we finally got to see my cousin Jeny's show this week. Didn't she do so well? I was very proud of her!

Just have to say that after reading lots of posts this week, I am seeing a bit of a trend - lots of folks are trying to figure out why Rachael Ray has achieved so much success instead of focusing on why so many people don't like her. Makes for some interesting reading. So, here's the weekly roundup of all things Rachael Ray in the blogosphere. If you do a post about something Rachael Ray related, please drop me a line so I don't miss it!

  • Ed Levine wrote a thought provoking post about a recent New York Times article about Rachael Ray (I'll give you mine next week). One blurb to make you go read the rest: "Carr's piece was really the first one I've seen that tries to place the Rachael Ray phenomenon in context without declaring that she's some kind of cultural cooking antichrist."
  • Kate Hopkins of the Accidental Hedonist applaud's Ed Levine's post and offers her own thoughts on the matter.
  • Culinary Herb gives the 411 on the upcoming Iron Chef battle involving Rachael Ray. The promo is there too, if you want to watch it!
  • Bob Sassone at Slashfood gives his seal of approval to the Thanksgiving issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray.
  • Andrew and Cass tested one of Rachael Ray's restaurant picks in Charleston, South Carolina. Looking at their pictures makes me want to visit that city!
  • Jill at Strawberry Blush (an Everything Rachael Ray reader and Rachael Ray show superstar) has a clip of her appearance on the Rachael Ray show in case you missed it!
  • Cate at Sweetnicks made one of her favorites: Naan-chos (which are like Indian nachos) and they did not disappoint.
  • Rachel at Rachel's Odyssey tried the Moo Shu Stoup from the October issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray. I was eyeing this one so now I will have to give it a try, since she says the dumplings were awesome.
  • Lesley Scott at Fashion Tribes offers thoughts on Rachael Ray's success.
  • I am officially jealous of Jacki. I want those, too!
  • Pager12 at Momsquawk - do it! Order a Rachael Ray cookbook! I recommend the newest one: Classic 30 Minute Meals because it offers a bit from each of her bestsellers. Plus, it's hardcover with gorgeous pictures.


  1. I posted a few of the latest recipes I tried... http://smileycarrie.blogspot.com/2006/10/yummy.html

    I suggest everyone makes the scalloped potatoes and lasagna!

  2. Carrie - all of that looks so good! I think I will try the Everything Lo Mein this week.


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