Rachael Ray Visits Dancing with the Stars

Two of my favorite things came together in one place: Rachael Ray and Dancing with the Stars.

Seriously people, I know the show sounds stupid. It is stupid. That's what I love about it!

ET reports that Rachael Ray stopped by the set this week and brought L.A.'s famous Pink's hot dogs to the dancers. On the results show, they showed a clip of her saying that Emmitt and Cheryl got robbed and that they deserved three 10's (I agree, Rach!).

Now I just need to figure out what she's doing in L.A....


  1. Why? Oh because of the blog. Sorry.

    She could be visiting another set or she could be doing another segment of TT or she could be a speaker somehwhere or.......... She is a busy gal.

  2. But which set, a speaker where? These are the burning questions we answer here at Everything Rachael Ray!

    And Tasty Travels LA has already been done.

  3. set crash at studio 60.

  4. Hey Anony - is that a cryptic way of saying she went to go visit the Studio 60 set?

  5. she ended up not doing studio 60. stay tuned for interview with Kristen Davis.

  6. Thanks, Anony - I will definitely keep an eye out for that.


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