This Week on the Rachael Ray Show

Looks like another exciting week on Rachael Ray's talk show. I am pretty impressed that she had Morgan Freeman last week and Jessica Simpson this week. Here are the highlights:

Monday: Jessica Simpson visits and cooks with Rachael. Jessica also surprises a fan who has been through several surgeries and says Jessica helped her get through them. Rachael also offers some space saving tips to four roommates who share one bathroom.

Tuesday: Rachael gives details on her "better than nothing kitchen workout" and teaches a non-cooking husband how to help is wife out by preparing a simple meal. You can also get Rachael's opinion on cheap places to eat in New York City.

Wednesday: Rachael has another star visit, this time from ABC's Lost. Dominic Monaghan, who plays Charlie on the show, will teach Rachael how to surf. Rachael will also discuss budget-friendly jewelry, cheerleading moves (?), and how to reinvent the TV dinner to make it more modern.

Thursday: Rachael has guests from all my favorite TV shows this week! On Thursday she has Chandra Wilson from Grey's Anatomy. She plays tough as nails resident Miranda Bailey. Chandra gives Rachael a cooking lesson, talks about Grey's Anatomy, and they make an Italian Soul Food dinner. Rachael also offers tips on planning a party on a budget (I am sensing a theme) and provides some bartending tips.

Friday: Look's like its wild animal day. Also, Rachael gives advice what to keep on hand in your pantry to be ready to host a party and makes a comfort food meal.


  1. So, I was watching Food Network this morning(which would be Sunday's programming for you guys in the states) and they had a new show on at 7 AM--Day to Day with Rachael Ray. I have not heard anything about this show and I scoured Do you know anything? What's up with it?

  2. I have not heard of that at all! I looked around on the Canadian and the US Food Network sites and couldn't find anything, but I will definitely keep an eye out. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I watched the Jessica Simpson show this morning... Hmm... Jessica is, well, special ;) IMHO! :)

    I can't wait until "Charlie" is on... and "Miranda" too.. I watch a bit too much TV, and love these characters :)

  4. Did you ever see Newlyweds, Carrie? You gotta rent it on DVD if you haven't. She is the queen of airheaded comments, but she looks and sounds cute when she says them, hence the gangbusters career, I guess.


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