This Week on Rachael Ray's Talk Show

Here's what you can look forward to this week on Rachael Ray's talk show:

Monday: Rod Stewart confesses which song he doesn't love singing anymore and which he still really enjoys signing. Rachael conducts the interview backstage at a Rod Stewart show in New York. Also in this episode, Rachael offers dating advice for single women and some great hair hints.

Tuesday: For Halloween, Michel Nischan visits and Rachael shares some harvest recipes. A doctor visits the show to help parents know what behavior from kids is normal. Rachael also provides a survival guide for future fathers.

Wednesday: Dennis Miller visits and the show does its first home makeover. It's for a family with four kids. Rachael also shares some gifts for any occasion.

Thursday: On Thursday's show, Rachael hosts a special mystery musical guest. The only clue is that the musician has "decades of fans." Rachael's friend Dennie offers tips for your love life and her friend Gretta provides tips for reinventing your wardrobe.

Friday: Yeah, Friday! This Friday there is a celebrity mystery taster. Rachael will also share tips from a viewer on how to decorate with things from around the house. And I'm excited about this one - Rachael will share a recipe from a cookbook that hasn't hit the shelf yet. I'm assuming it's Rachael Ray 2, 4, 6, 8: Great Meals for Couples or Crowds, which is coming out in a few weeks.

Updates: If you watched last week's show featuring Julie Varney discussing cosmetic surgery with Rachael, you can read more about her visit to the show here. The woman who confronted her fear of elevators on Rachael Ray's show, Carole Costello, was also interviewed by her local paper. Both articles offer some good tips on how to get on the show, too!


  1. Not related to her show, but she's going to be on Iron Chef America!!! I nearly peed my pants when I saw the commercial, I am so excited to see that. I've always said she should be on that show...I can't wait to see her take on Mario!

  2. I hate to burst your bubble but she and Mario will be on the same team! They take on Bobby and Giada.

  3. I thought it was the other way around ... Giada and Mario against Bobby and Rachael. Seems like a more logical pairing, with the two Italians ...

  4. Lee Anne - would make sense that way, but Rachael and Mario are buddies, so maybe that's why they did it that way. Here's what the Food Network says about it:

    "Flay/DeLaurentiis vs. Batali/Ray
    In a special Iron Chef America presentation, Food Network All Stars Rachael Ray and Giada De Laurentiis come to Kitchen Stadium to battle it out. In a special twist, the Chairman decides to pair them with Iron Chefs Bobby Flay and Mario Batali in an unexpected battle that is only fit for Food Network All Stars. Which pairs’ cuisine will reign supreme?"

  5. Ohh even better!!!! I can't stand Bobby Flay. Giada is okay...but I wish she was on Giada's team! I cannot wait!!!

  6. Giada and Mario are also buddies and would probably win if they were together.

    Rachael vs. Mario? Are you kidding? They would never do that. He's an iron chef and she's a cook. Would hardly be fair. I like them both but I am a realist.

  7. Well Anony, Bobby Flay is an Iron Chef and Rachael is a cook, too! It'll be interesting for sure.

  8. That's why it will be a great match. One iron chef on each side.(Rach and Giada are along for the hype-but I think it will be fun to watch. i'm looking forward to it. i like them all).

    It could never be Rach alone against an iron chef.

  9. Anony - I am almost completely sure that Rachael would agree with you!

  10. Can't wait to see her on the Iron Chef!


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