Behind the Scenes on Rachael Ray's Talk Show

A Pittsburgh TV station recently went behind the scenes of Rachael Ray's talk show. You can watch what looks like the entire segment on the show by watching the video here and there's also a photo slideshow.

News anchor Wendy Bell interviewed Rachael and asked her how the show is going: "Oh, my God," said Rachael. "It's great. You know, it's so much easier to do several shows a day -- we did three today -- when you have a live audience because they just feed you. They give you so much energy and we feed them a snack right back."

Among the details revealed are that the show is run with a staff of about 75 people, which includes food producers, technicians and cameramen. The audience usually contains about 100 people. When Bell arrived, Rachael was filming her third episode of the day. When discussing the substance of the show, Rachael said:

"We're happiest about how much viewer content there is in every show," said Rachael. "How much the viewers are a part of the programming and a part of the process."


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