Book Tour for 2, 4, 6, 8 Begins Today

Okay New Yorkers, sorry for the short notice, but Rachael Ray begins her 13-city book tour today in your city. No worries though - she ends her book tour there, too. The tour is to promote Rachael's newest cookbook, 2, 4, 6, 8: Great Meals for Couples or Crowds. Unlike her last book tour, Rachael is also coming to California and stopping in between here and the East Coast.

On this tour, she will visit New York, New Jersey, California (both Northern and Southern), Washington, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

Here are all the cities and dates. If there is one near you, go visit Rachael's publisher to find out the time, the location and how to get tickets.

11/9 - New York City, NY
11/12 - Atlantic City, NJ
12/8 - El Segundo, CA
12/9 - Torrance, CA
12/9 - Los Angeles, CA
12/10 - San Jose, CA
12/11 - Berkeley, CA
12/12 - Seattle, CA
12/13 - Dallas, TX
12/14 - Houston, TX
12/15 - Chicago, IL
12/16 - Skokie, IL
12/17 - Atlanta, GA
12/18 - Vienna, VA
12/19 - Philadelphia, PA
12/19 - King of Prussia, PA
12/20 - Boston, MA
12/20 - Chestnut Hill, MA
12/21 - New York City, NY


  1. AW!!!

    I'm going to be in Atlantic City on 11/11...the night before her appearance.

    I'll be sure to let you know if I see her passed out drunk at the blackjack table.


  2. Well, first take her chips (she doesn't need the money) then tell her I said hello!

  3. Are you going to the Berkeley signing?

  4. Where are her Canadian dates??!! heheh

  5. Cakegrrl - If I can get out of work for the day, I certainly will!

    Carrie - the minute they publish them, I will let you know! ;)


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