Day to Day with Rachael Ray

Okay, Food Network addicts, attention please! Have you recently wondered what Day to Day with Rachael Ray is? Those with TiVo have an unfair advantage here since they can run a keyword search. Thanks to readers Carla and Leigh, I think I have pieced together an answer to the Day to Day mystery.

Day to Day is a show that the Food Network is airing in my hood at 4:00 a.m. It looks like the Food Network considered doing their own Rachael Ray talk show and Day to Day is the result. There is a studio audience but it has a definite test show feel to it, mostly because the set looks really pared down. I also found a few forum posts by audience members who said they were told that they were filming pilot episodes, so were unsure when it would air. Oprah's too smart to try something that has never been tested, right?

The show is listed under Food Network Specials on the Food Network website, implying that it will not be a regular series. A viewer of Rachael's new talk show will see similarities like the opening scene, where Rachael walks down a hallway to introduce the show and many of the contributors are the same. You will also notice many dissimilar things, like the one big theme per show instead of many separate segments.

The most recent episode was all about dating tips for singles. There has been an episode about Weddings (Oct. 15) and there will be episodes on Travels (Dec. 24), You Deserve It and Moms, which don't have scheduled airdates yet.

If I had to choose a format, I would pick the one that ended up on network tv instead of the Food Network version. The network version is much more polished and sophisticated (but maybe that's because Day to Day was just a test). Could this be why they are airing them in the dead of night?


  1. what a sleuth, you are! i'll have to check it out.

    It's on at a more-manageable 7 a.m. it looks like here.

  2. Carla and Leigh did most of the legwork.

    More manageable for you maybe! I don't do 7 a.m.

    I think it might be because I have DirectTV, so maybe I get the East Coast feed of Food Netwwork or something? Who knows.

  3. Madeline, you are right. I have satelite too & Food Network doesn't have seperate feeds.

  4. Thanks, Leigh. Since I watch everything on TiVo now, I usually have no idea when things are really on.

  5. I wish we had Tivo, but it's way too expensive, living on island, things tend to be a bit behind. They just now got PPV and normal feeds like...5 months ago, and "Tivo"(DVRs) are just now catching on. You don't even want to know what we pay for "basic" cable. Our cable is still a day behind b/c they have to send it over via satellite from the states, it used to be, I kid you tapes that they MAILED over here and played on VCR's and broadcasted it to the whole island so, cable was 1 week late. But, I digress.....

    This was a big post day(three!) for you. Thanks for the's on 7 AM here too, which is good b/c I am usually up and eating breakfast by then.

  6. Carla - at least they are making progress, huh?

    I know - this has been a big posting day! Rachael has been in the news so much lately that I have a ton of posts written and waiting to get published. So, I just decided to get some published that were going to go stale otherwise.

  7. Can you tell me the name of the author on the show that wrote a book on persuasion techniques. An audience member asked a question about How to Ask your Boss for a Raise. Do you know the name of the book, the author's name and her website address?

  8. I forgot to TiVo it! Anyone else able to answer Anony's question?


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