Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Now, as you know, my friend Kate has been kind enough to publish posts for me while I've been gone (since Saturday). So, just know that right now, I am on a beach in Mexico, likely sipping a pina colada as you read this, probably by that pool right there.

I hope you try a Rachael Ray Thanksgiving recipe and wow your friends and family. If you have any failures or successes with her recipes, let me know in the comments below. And make sure you check out the leftovers recipes from yesterday's post, too!

Some more pictures of our resort. If you can guess where I am, you can win bragging rights:


  1. I used a Rachel Ray recipe for my green beans on T Day!

    It was delicious!!!

  2. Hope you're having an amazing vacation Madeline.... Yup.. I'm jealous.. hehe

  3. Melly - I'm telling you - girl makes some good recipes! You will be a RR recipe addict in no time.

    Carrie - I did have a wonderful time. It was 89 degrees every day! I will try to post some pictures of Ixtapa. It was gorgeous.

  4. Oh you suck!!! Okay, you don't! LOL! I'm stuck in snow. No school, no work, and thinking of laying by an infinity edged pool in 80 degree weather is my idea of heaven at this moment.

    I'm totally jealous (but happy you got to!). I keep telling my high school girlfriends, "Someday, Cabo, baby!". *sigh*

  5. Jennifer - I highly recommend Ixtapa and Playa Del Carmen (the Mayan Riviera). I was not a big fan of Cabo - it was too desterty and Americanized for me. We stayed at the Riu there and it was a very nice hotel.

  6. Ixtapa, huh?? I may just have to look into that...that resort looks like fun too! Yeah, I hear Cabo is VERY touristy and crowded.

    Someday, I can't wait! :)


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