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Media Daily News cracked me up with its reference to Rachael Ray as a "the next big human-as-brand." This publication focused on how Every Day with Rachael Ray is an example of how a magazine can gain success.

During an interview with Jess Cagle, Rachael outlined her crazy schedule and how she fits all her shows and the magazine in:

According to Ray, during the Food Network's regular season, she tapes 185 episodes of her syndicated "Rachael Ray Show," distributed by King World Productions. Then it gets incredible: "When our show takes its big seasonal breaks, I tape 80 episodes" of her other shows airing on the Food Network: "Tasty Travels," "30 Minute Meals," "$40 a Day," and "Inside Dish." Asked about her involvement in her new magazine, Ray said she reviews every page and also writes about 15 recipes per issue as well as a few sidebars.

Someone in the audience asked Rachael if she modeled her career after Martha Stewart's. Rachael said: "I'm flattered that people compare me to her--but really, our brands and our magazines couldn't be more different."

Readers Digest also announced that, effective February 2007, the number of magazines published will "jump to 1.3 million from its current level of 750,000." Then it will go up to 1.7 million in August. For a comparison, it started with only 350,000.

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  1. Rachel Ray should show off the food she's cooking not her sparce cleavage! Please, some modesty!

  2. If it's so sparce, what's the problem? And I hate to tell you this Thora, but that's what happens in modern television. Check out Giada and Sandra Lee for examples.

    If it really bothers you, I would suggest watching Emeril or Mario. There's very little cleavage on those shows.


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