Rachael Ray Cooks in Real Time

Does anyone who writes an article criticizing Rachael Ray's show ever actually watch her show? Seriously? Maybe I have read too many Rachael Ray articles in a row, but for some reason, this one was the straw that broke the camel's back.

The Rocky Mountain News published an article by Anthonette Klinkerman all about how people really don't cook anymore because of all the stresses and responsibilities of daily life.

It is an interesting article about how the daily grind has interrupted some of the traditions that have lasted a long time, like the basic potluck. Instead of making a dish from scratch, people now tend to bring something that came out of a box. It's your basic "people don't cook anymore" article.

As part of the article, Klinkerman states the following:

However, I have to point out that Rachel Ray on the Food Network is somehow making a killing on her 30-minute meals books. We have the time to sit and watch her shows, right? Granted, Ray has sous-chefs slice, dice, and chop everything or her, and all she has to do is tip one bowl into another and slide it into the oven.

Okay, setting aside the fact that a journalist couldn't take the time to spell her name correctly, the journalist also failed to figure out that Rachael does not have a sous chef that slices, dices and chops everything for her on 30 Minute Meals. (Of course, her talk show is a different story, but when this article was written, it hadn't started yet.)

Admittedly, she does have people who shop for her, but she slices, dices and chops everything in real time on the show. She literally walks to the fridge, pulls out celery, places it on the cutting board and chops it. So, no, she does not simply tip one bowl into another and slide it into the oven. Anyone who watched the show, even once, would know that such is the case.

Plus, I got confirmation straight from the source - the Food Network Kitchens. You know the people who do all the behind the scenes chopping and slicing? Well, they started a blog a few months ago and in a post about "swap outs," they said this: "So when you see our chefs put a dish in the oven before a commercial break, it's very likely that a swap from the production kitchen is waiting in the wings. (Unless you are watching 30 Minute Meals--Rachael cooks everything in real time!)."

So there you go, no swap outs for Rachael!


  1. Ugh! I really wanted to comment on that article, but don't have the energy to register for the stupid rocky mountain news. "Anthonette" needs to check her facts.

  2. Good move, Jacob. Not worth the junk mail you'd get!

  3. Hi Madeline! I just found your blog and I've really enjoyed reading through your posts. I'm also a big Rachael fan, but from one fan to another, I've never been able to make one of her recipes in under 30 minutes so I'm curious if you've been able to accomplish that goal? It probably has a lot to do with the fact that it takes me forever to chop vegetables (even with that great Furi knife).

  4. Hey Erin - I am glad you found me! I am jealous that you have that Furi knife, seriously jealous.

    When I first started making her recipes, it took at least an hour (I had never cooked before) and sometimes more. The more I do the recipes and get used to the chopping and other techniques, the faster I get. I can definitely do many of them in 30 minutes, but certainly not all of them. Here's what Rachael says about the timing thing:

    "If I open the wine before I start cooking, it takes me a good 47 (minutes). If you've never picked up a knife in your life, it'll probably take you an hour."

  5. Saw this on foodcandy.com and I sort of have to agree. Despite my extreme distate for the Rayster, I do think she gets a bit of a bad rap on certain things. I just wish she'd turn down the sillyness and find a decent fashion consultant. She would probably be pretty hot if somebody told her what to wear.

  6. Thanks for visiting, Timelas. Food Candy is a great site, so I was honored that dB asked to interview me.

    I am more interested in her recipes than how she looks, but my guy friends tell me they think she's a hottie.


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