Rachael Ray Roundup

Okay, you better enjoy this Roundup because there won't be another one for two weeks because I will be on vacation! Gasp!

My friend Kate has graciously offered to publish posts that I have pre-written, but there won't be any Roundup on Friday. Maybe I can post it on Sunday - I guess it depends how tired I am after my vacation. We are going to a resort in Mexico with my best friend and her husband. I also won't be answering any emails until I get home, so feel free to email me but don't expect a quick response.

So, here's what the blogosphere has to say about Rachael Ray, her shows and her recipes this week. I also included some little news tidbits.

  • Lisa Timmons at A Socialite's Life tracked down some pictures of Rachael Ray at a recent book tour stop. She also has a quote from Rachael about Pittsburgh and the state of her talk show.
  • Patti at Adventures in Food and Wine tried one my favorites (how many times have I said that?), Jambasta. She says the recipe is pretty close to one she really enjoyed at a restaurant.
  • Jossip covers Rachael Ray's first sex scandal. Although, consider the source - it's the National Enquirer. This is the same magazine that features alien babies and Bigfoot sightings.
  • TMZ questions whether Tony Danza ambushed Rachael Ray - I think it sounds like a Letterman prank.
  • Cate at Sweetnicks tried a recipe I have been getting lots of emails about: Really French, French Bread Pizza. It looks perfect for anyone who loves mushrooms (not me).
  • ET's The Insider followed Steven Cojocaru when he was a guest on Rachael's show. You can see video of him walking around backstage and acting silly.
  • Kristin at The Pearl Onion was lucky enough to attend the Anniversary party for Every Day with Rachael Ray. She got to chat a little bit with Rachael, who was very friendly and kind. Could I be more jealous? Nope.
  • Di at Cooking with Rachael and Friends made Rachael's Ravioli Lasagna. I agree that the recipe calls for too much ravioli, so I decrease the amount like Di did.
  • Lots of folks are talking about the Iron Chef America results including I'm Not Obsessed and Nicole Weston at Slashfood.
  • Mike at TV Food Fan reports that the Iron Chef America episode with Rachael and Giada got the Food Network its best ratings ever.
  • Rachael had a street in Lower Manhattan named for her, if only for a short time. The name was changed to promote Downtown for Dinner, an event that runs through Sunday, November 19th.
  • J.M Hirsch of the Park Rapids Enterprise asked Rachael "Pasta: spirals or bow ties?" Check out her highly detailed answer here.
  • Eating Well on Dialysis is back with an adaptation of Rachael Ray's Spiced Lamb Chops on Sauteed Peppers and Onions with Garlic and Mint Couscous and she also tried Rachael Ray's Pork Chops with Brandied Cherry Sauce.
  • Rachael won her talk show's time slot in Birmingham this week, according to Broadcasting and Cable. Well, maybe it had something to do with the fact that hometown boy Ruben Studdard was on....
  • Jacob at Food Network Addict notes Rachael's absence from Celebrity Jeopardy. She had to get some dental work done, so didn't make it to the show.
  • Courtney at Kitchen Chronicles of a Non-Foodie recreated Rachael's Drunken Tuscan Pasta from her victorious Iron Chef America battle. You can find Rachael's recipe for it here, although without the cranberries and sausage, since Rachael made it on Live with Regis and Kelly.


  1. The Tony Danza thing didn't happen. I know someone that works on the show. Tony is a nice guy and would never do something like that.

  2. Good to hear, since it didn't really sound like him.


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