Rachael's Thoughts About Her Talk Show

So many articles tell the same Rachael Ray stories over and over. Luckily, sometimes they ask different questions. One example is this Albany Times Union article by Mark McGuire, which discussed how Rachael is feeling about her talk show these days.

Rachael said that her current career is "a logical extension of what she did back when her family ran a restaurant on Cape Cod" because she looks at it as if she were a waitress. She tries "to figure out what people want and expect, and then I try to fill the order for them."

The article also makes the inevitable Martha Stewart comparison. McGuire notes that the anti-Martha stuff isn't just a act, it's who Rachael really is. She messes up and drops things and she just isn't perfect. McGuire says that "much of Ray's appeal comes from her almost screwball persona: On her cooking shows, she's not afraid to be shown dropping a dish or mis-measuring ingredients." Yep, that's what we like about her! Well, that and the yummy recipes.

Here are a couple quotes from Rachael included in the article:
"When the Food Network called me, I went into my first meeting and I told them I didn't belong there. All of this has been a huge surprise to me. And it continues to be."

"Now, you know what? The thing has a life of its own. Each day as this thing grows I try to manage it honestly and truthfully, and the things that don't feel like me I stay away from..."

[Photo from Every Day with Rachael Ray]

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