Redbook Interviews Rachael Ray

I think someone at Redbook Magazine is a Rachael Ray fan. They have recently featured two interviews with Rachael, both of which are part of Redbook's Time for You feature.

In the first article, entitled Rachael Ray Can't Stop Talking, the magazine asked Rachael how she stays so grounded. Her response was that she relies on her work ethic and her sense of humor. When asked if she liked to be busy all the time, Rachael said that she is not very good at being still and that she works even on vacation, although she usually just writes recipes.

Rachael also discussed her home decor, her beauty routine and the role of kids on her talk show. When asked if there is anything she refuses to spend a large amount of money on, Rachael answered:

If somebody handed me a check for two million dollars tomorrow and said you can't keep this unless you go and spend it all in one day, then I'd probably give it back. Because I think that in everything in life, there's a limit for me. Shoes I'll spend a couple hundred I would never spend...I mean they have shoes out there that cost $1,200 - $1,500 dollars for a pair of shoes! I mean, no matter what the category is, there's always something. There's a limit for me with anything. I grew up not a have-not but certainly a check-to-checker, and there's just a certain amount of, you know...I'm not about poor or cheap or being thrifty, but I am about value. I don't mind spending more money on something as long as I know the intrinsic value of that thing. For me, it's always more about quality than about the price point.

The second article, entitled Behind the Scenes with Rachael Ray, discusses the details of Rachael Ray's photo shoot for Redbook. She posed in between taping her talk show and a photo shoot for Every Day with Rachael Ray. Busy girl! During the shoot, Rachael listened to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters. She was also joined by a camera crew from Inside Edition.

Redbook decided to make the shoot focus on "Rachael's softer side, so all the items Redbook's Fashion Director Audrey Slater selected were delicate and feminine: clingy knit dresses, soft leather boots and belts, eye-catching necklaces and bracelets." Rachael ended up wearing one of the dresses home (after she paid for it). The dress she bought is the one that will end up on the December 2006 cover of the magazine.

The article also includes a link to Rachael's Killer Lentil Soup.


  1. You might have to go to Becks and Posh and defend RR against the likes of Anthony Bourdain. The quote was, "RR is to food as Hitler was to Poland."

    I made the fabu point you told me at the potluck, but I think you can do it far greater than me.

  2. I made her white clam sauce linguine, it was excellent! I did the Barefoot Contessa's trick with the fresh thyme to get the leaves off - really helped cut the time down. I made it in 25 minutes.

  3. Gurl! this is the first time I have seen the blog! It is awesome. I can tell you really love doing it! YEAH! I am going to have to try some recipes. Ok strike that....Tom, who has taken over the cooking duties, will have try it! He never lets me cook anymore...BOO!

  4. That's a great picture of Rachael. She's been taking some good pictures lately!!

    And I love that she listens to RHCP!

  5. Garrett - I know, I know. I just read it. It's probably a good thing I was in Mexico, because I would have been tempted to respond. I try really hard not to become The Rachael Ray Defender because I am afraid that will distract me from why I really started ERR. And, I think you did a good job all on your own!

  6. Janelle - I haven't tried that one! What's Ina's trick? Rachael usually throws the whole sprig in and lets the leaves fall off or holds the top of the sprig and pulls down to take the leaves off.

  7. Carrie (Anony) - glad you can tell! I really do enjoy writing it and I missed it while I was on vacation. You should get Tom the Express Lane Meals or 365 No Repeats cookbook. Both of those are good ones to start with.

  8. Jennifer - I think she must have gotten a new stylist because she has been looking very glamorous lately.


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