Save Your Pennies!

I still haven't seen any statistics on it, but I am pretty sure that eating healthy food costs more than eating unhealthy food. For example, think of the difference in price between fatty ground hamburger and a skinless boneless chicken breast. When I first graduated from law school, I was sooooo broke (darn student loans), so the Rachael Ray recipes I made were usually the pastas, chilis and soups. Those got me more bang for my buck. Well, it looks like I was not alone.

Miriam Ramirez of The Monitor wrote and article entitled: "Meals don’t have to waste time, or break the bank." She discusses a woman named Diana Guerra who "is proud to say she’s picked up a few tips from the perky Food Network chef, especially when cooking on a shoestring budget." Guerra says that through watching Rachael's show, she has learned that "a person doesn’t have to break the bank or slave over a hot stove for hours to whip up the perfect meal."

After becoming a teacher and moving out of her parents' house, she had to learn how to cook for herself. While she still calls her mom for help now and then, she says that she has learned how to prepare quick meals using Rachael's recipes. This is exactly what happened to me - I just couldn't eat fast food anymore!

For some money saving recipes, check out these Rachael Ray menus:

[Photo of Roasted Squash Vegetable Medley from Food Network]


  1. I think for the most part it can cost more to eat healthy unles you consider eating takeout. I can prepare a Rachael Ray meal for probably half the price of the five of us eating McDonalds or something of the sort.

    Sometimes RR meals can cost a lot (ie. those pizzas I made last week).. because of the cheese. But the ones with pasta and/or veggies.. those things are cheap!!!

  2. It's taken a while but we've learned how to budget for more healthy foods. However, a lot of the problem comes along with nutritional ignorance. Statistically speaking, impoverished families tend to have more problems with obesity and eating unhealthy foods due to the fact that they just aren't aware of their choices. I know this one from personal experience, myself.

    But once you start doing some investigating, you can find foods that actually don't break the bank that are more healthy for you.

  3. Carrie - I can't even tell you how many times I made RR's spaghetti recipes when I started cooking! I think that's why I dont' make them that much anymore....

  4. Jennifer - I agree, Jennifer. Plus, sometimes I think it's just easier to eat unhealthy because there is less analysis required.


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