This Week on Rachael Ray's Show

Here are the highlights from Rachael Ray's talk show this week. If you're interested in the recipes from this week's show, they are posted here. The recipes are listed in each drop down menu in the order of their airdate.

Monday: Oprah's bestie Gayle King visits Rachael and "shares the behind-the-scenes stories from her road trip with Oprah." Also this episode, Stump the Rach, must-have wardrobe items and advice for moms whose teens are starting to date.

Tuesday: On Tuesday's show we get to check in on a viewer’s weight loss challenge and American Idol's Ruben Studdard stops by (he lost over 100 pounds). Rachael's friend Gretta also provides "five great beauty buys under five bucks."

Wednesday: In an episode entitled "Easiest Thanksgiving Ever," Rachael gives us her family recipes and shares tips to make Thanksgiving as easy as possible. We also get advice for decorations and how to deal with your family.

Thursday: Cojo is back on Thursday! He helps women get out of a fashion rut. Tim Robbins stops by and chats about his romance with Susan Sarandon. There's also another edition of Potluck Thursday.

Friday: Another mystery taster visits (previous mystery tasters include Morgan Freeman, Brooke Shields, and Tim Allen). We also get quick makeup tips, "better-than-nothing decorating ideas, and how to save money this holiday season."

Updates: Did you see the show with the woman who had a handy use for a potato ricer? Hear more about her visit in this article, where she says the following when describing Rachael: "She is just this warm, friendly person. Everyone describes her as the girlfriend next door, and she really does truly have that aura about her. She's a real class act." If you were interested by Midge, a little dog featured on Rachael's talk show who is trained to sniff out narcotics, check out this article. You should also check out this article about Tracy Marucci, who was featured on the Entertaining 101 episode last week.


  1. Rachael Won Iron Chef!!! Good Job Rachael!!!

  2. Phew, I just finished watching. She even won by seven points!

  3. Go home Cojo. I really enjoy Greta (Gee)a whole lot more!

  4. Anony - you gotta admire the guy's individuality!

  5. Wow, Rachel Ray's looking good.

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