Turkey Tip From Rachael Ray

If you are looking for Rachael Ray's Thanksgiving recipes, make sure you check out my post from last week. There are some good ones! UPDATE: Rachael also posted her entire Thanksgiving menu from her talk show in an easy to use format here.

Once you pick the recipes for Turkey Day and start freaking out about actually making it, you might be interested in some turkey roasting tips. The Associated Press did a great article about how to pick a turkey and what size to choose.

As part of the article, they featured this little gem of a tip from Rachael Ray:

"That also was the top tip from celebrity chef Rachael Ray, who said she cooks two smaller birds so she can sleep late on Thanksgiving instead of waking up at 5 a.m. to stuff a 20-pound turkey in the oven.

'Plus, you get more legs and wings that way,' she said. 'Also, it looks better on your table because you can carve one bird up and leave the other whole at first for presentation.'"

In case you haven't decided on a turkey recipe, the recipe pictured above is from Every Day with Rachael Ray and is part of their Turkey Day Your Way feature. It's Herb-Roasted Turkey with Dried Plums. Yum-o.

[Photo from Every Day with Rachael Ray]


  1. Darn, I shoulda thought of that one (2 smaller turkeys instead of one big one). Although ours is only going to be like 12-15 lbs, so not TOO bad!

  2. I hadn't ever heard that idea either. It's perfect for those of us that are kitchen challenged.


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