Yahoo! Food Launches Today

A new website featuring Rachael Ray recipes and videos launches today: Yahoo! Food. According to USA Today, the new site is "devoted to food" and "will feature videos and other content from celebrity chefs such as Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart." Yahoo is trying to tap into the constant question of what's for dinner: each day on Yahoo there are 1.5 million food-related searches and most of them happen around 4 p.m.

Yahoo Food includes some original content, but also includes content "from partners, including Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Wolfgang Puck, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Food & Wine, Epicurious, Cook's Illustrated and Reader's Digest." Rachael's recipes are prominently featured on the Everyday page of the site.

One of the original features is a video called "Cheap and Easy." Those with dirty minds can take that one and run with it. The original content also includes columns on regional cuisine from around the country. USA Today calls the contributors "columnists" but other news outlets call them what they are: bloggers! Many great food bloggers will get some well-deserved attention. You can see the list of them here.

I did a recipe search for Rachael Ray and the only results were from Every Day with Rachael Ray. My initial thought is that it would be simpler to just go to the magazine's website to find recipes. However, Yahoo allows you to filter the results. So, for example, you could search for Rachael Ray, then filter it to show all the appetizers. The feature didn't work really well though, coming up with only two appetizers, but maybe I'll give it some time.

On the recipes page, you can also search really specific categories. If you are braver than me and tend to venture away from RR recipes now and then, I think you will really enjoy the site since you can pull recipes from so many great sources. Let me know what you think about it.


  1. I don't know if you venture to other food recipe websites, but AllRecipes recently changed their look and I hate it. I will check this one out for sure.

    OT but I will be making that French Stuffed Toast I promised I would make this weekend and will review! (the one from the $40DD episode)

  2. I don't love the look of Yahoo Food. The long, narrow columns all over the place kinda overwhelm me.

    Lucky for you, site is working with Yahoo Food!


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