30 Minute Meals in Space

I think this has to be the first (and probably last) time that Rachael Ray has been featured in the Technology section of a newspaper. USA Today provides all the details on how Rachael Ray recipes are heading out of the atmosphere with NASA astronauts on the shuttle Discovery, which launches on December 7th.

The recipes provided by Rachael include Thai chicken and two other dishes. USA today says they are the first of the meals prepared by celebrity chefs to make go up for consumption by a space shuttle crew, but Emeril Lagasse's jambalaya and mashed potatoes with bacon were sampled by a space station crew in August and it was a hit.

Rachael's Thai chicken has to be better than the stuff eaten by the first American to eat in space - John Glenn. He ate applesauce in a squeeze tube. Doesn't sound very yum-o to me.

Rachael's visit to the NASA test kitchen was covered in the early days of her talk show and you can watch the video here. You get a behind the scenes look at the test kitchen and how they prepare the meals to go up in space. And, we also learn that Rachael's was the first NASA meal to have a garnish!

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