Holiday Recipes from Rachael's Appearance on Oprah

Rachael Ray appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show today and she brought her A game. As she should - it's Oprah after all.

The episode was about more than just the recipes, it was about how to host a party. Rachael gave four basic rules. First, less is more. She said you shouldn't buy a whole bunch of stuff you don't need. Second, keep it simple. Third, keep your guest list small. That way you don't throw one big party, you throw lots of little parties. Fourth, before you start shopping for decorations for your party, go through your house and figure out what you have that you can use. I also liked her idea of putting out Polaroid cameras. Then your guests can shake it like a Polaroid picture (don't email me, I know you aren't supposed to shake it, but I love that song).

So here are the recipes that Rachael shared with Oprah. While I am skeptical about the liver spread, I have tried the Beef and Burgundy and it's a keeper. Enjoy!


  1. I'm all about keeping it simple. At the end of the day guests would much rather have the hostess happy at a party instead of trying to make chive knots and weeping in the kitchen.
    Faye will help you through the holidays with menus and cooking advice and how to make it all work and come together with humor. She will be going to England this year and will write you through a traditional big roast, Christmas cracker popping spread.
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  2. I agree Faye, it's more fun when the hostess is having fun, too.


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