The Home Depot Connection

Many of the guests who visit Rachael Ray on her talk show notice (1) the lazy susan seats for the audience and (b) how fun and hip her entire set is. If you are just dying to make your house look just like Rachael's set, you are in luck - you can gets lots of the stuff there by visiting your local Home Depot.

Not one to pass up a marketing opportunity, the Home Depot created an entire page on its website devoted to all the products they have featured on the set. On the page, they proudly state: "The Home Depot has helped create a dream kitchen and more for the Rachael Ray Show. From retro-colored mixers to high-tech dishwashers, we've made it easy for you to buy and browse the products used on the set of the Rachael Ray Show."

So, if you just have to get that $268 KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Tangerine Color Stand Mixer, the $6.97 Amerock 3" Stainless Steel Bar Pull, or the $1,375 Mosaico 3-piece Caramel Leaf Wrought-Iron High-Top Dining Set, have no fear because each is featured on the site.

If you install some lazy susan seats in your living room, let me know because I'd love to see some pictures of them!


  1. I can't imagine how expensive a kitchen like that would be! Oyy!

    I'm totally drooling over a Kitchen Aid mixer. One of these days I will get one! Mark my words! LOL!

  2. I watched an episode of the talk show where she said they have only used that mixer once on the show. Rachael hates baking (too precise for her).

  3. Quite a good marketing move on their part.

  4. And the set looks so good that it makes people interested!


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