A Perspective From Across the Pond

Those silly Brits. In addition to adding letters to words that don't need them (flavour, colour, etc.), they think that Rachael Ray is our domestic goddess. Don't they know that the Domestic Goddess post is firmly held by Martha Stewart, who cooks for hours on end and entertains with military-like precision? No, Rachael Ray is no Domestic Goddess - she's just like the rest of us and that's exactly why we like her.

Edward Helmore of the United Kingdom's First Post, wrote a piece all about Rachael Ray, who he says is "America’s answer to Nigella Lawson." In fact, he says that Rachael is "[f]rom the same mould as Nigella Lawson but bouncier, possibly tipsier but with less cleavage . . . ."

After a quick rundown of Rachael's history, Helmore launches into a discussion of how Rachael's approach is "more relaxation than martial law." Helmore also catches on to the source of Rachael Ray's appeal to the public:

Ray tells her viewers that "life just doesn't have to be that hard." She burns dishes, hates to measure, finds new ways of combining leftovers, talks fast, giggles, loves shoes as much as food, and often looks to be on the brink of a domestic disaster - in other words,she's quite like every distracted working American housewife.

The fact that Rachael and her cooking aren't perfect is a constant refrain. Being a perfectionist in most parts of my life, it's tempting to bring it into cooking also. Unfortunately, I don't have the skills to make that happen!

Prior to seeing Rachael's 30 Minute Meals show, the intimidation factor of cooking kept me from throwing a dinner party or even making dinner for the two of us. Sad but true. However, watching Rachael drop things and push things out of the pan by mistake (carrot overboard!) made cooking seem like something I could do and do well, even if it wasn't perfect. And I can!


  1. I just don't get the comparison to Nigella Lawson, frankly. Nigella has this whole sexy, sensual persona in her cooking. I don't get that from Rachael at all. She's more wholesome, cute and a little dorky. Much more likely to be my best friend than someone like Nigella, who I would not trust around my husband.

  2. I don't really get the Nigella comparison either, except Nigella isn't all perfect like Martha. She has a fun and casual approach.


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