Philadelphia Book Signing

If Rachael Ray didn't know that she was a pop culture phenom before, she has to know it by now. Why? Well, local tv stations are now covering a mere book signing by Rachael. She appeared at the Rittenhouse Square Barnes and Noble in Philadelphia and local station 6abc sat down to chat with her.

Hundreds of fans showed up to the signing, which mostly focused on her new cookbook, Rachael Ray 2, 4, 6, 8: Great Meals for Couples or Crowds. She says this newest book is like a scrapbook of what she did over the last year on her tv shows. She takes a look at the recipes she's done, then tries to find a theme that pulls them all together. Rachael said she tests recipes on her dog, her mom and her husband. She also revealed that her fear of baking stems from attempting to make her mom a lemon cottage cake for her birthday. She joked: "I needed therapy after."

The station also talked to several Rachael Ray fans who attended the signing. The common thread in these interviews is close to my heart: these people never cooked before watching Rachael. She got them into the kitchen and taught them how to cook. I second that!

They also cited all the things I tell people when they ask me why I like Rachael Ray: (1) her recipes are simple and easy, (2) the food tastes delicious and (3) you don't need any fancy or unusual items to make the recipes.

Check out the video at the bottom of the page here.


  1. I can not believe I missed this!
    I live 15 mins from Philly.
    I need to check your blog more often!

  2. Looks like it would have been fun!

  3. Madeline, did you get to any of the CA booksignings? I hope so! I missed the one where I live, as the closest one was two hours' drive away.

  4. Di - No, I didn't make it! I couldn't take the time off work, nor did I have the time to wait in line all day. Sad but true. Maybe next time!


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