Rachael Meets Rachel

Merry Christmas! I thought that in honor of the Christmas spirit, I would share this article from the Louisville, Kentucky, Courier Journal.

Laura Unger interviewed Rachel Maeser, a 12-year-old girl "who faces a lifetime of pain from a potentially debilitating bone disease called melorheostosis that strikes one in a million people." Due to a charitable effort by Texas Roadhouse, Rachel went on a trip to New York city, attended a taping of Rachael Ray's talk show and got to meet Rachael. She also got a tour of the studio and the prep kitchen. Meser says: "It's something I'll remember for the rest of my life."

Here are the details on her interaction with Rachael:

"The director said, 'Come see Rachael,' " Rachel Maeser said. "I started crying."

Then she gave Ray a Christmas present.

"She made me wonderful dog blankets for my dog, and I love them!" Ray said through a spokeswoman. "Rachel was utterly charming, and she's welcome to visit the show anytime."

Rachel and Rachael ended up talking for about 10 or 15 minutes. She says: "She's so sweet."

Rachel uses cooking as a form of therapy to lessen the pain she endures from her disease and told Unger that she's a fan of Rachael because: "She's so cheerful and peppy." Rachel found that Rachael Ray's recipes "seemed quick and easy enough for her to try, and Rachel soon started whipping up soups and honey nut chicken, a dish that has become her father's favorite."

Rachel's mom summed up the whole experience: "No matter what happens with this disease, throughout her life she'll have this memory of something very special."

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