A Rachael Ray Christmas: Cocktails

Welcome to the first series here at Everything Rachael Ray: A Rachael Ray Christmas. This series of posts aims at providing all the Rachael Ray Christmas information that you'll ever want or need. And if this series isn't enough, you can also check out this post, which gives links to Rachael Ray's Christmas in 60 recipes.

In order to really grab your attention (and start things on a good note), I thought we would initiate the series with Rachael Ray's Christmas cocktail recipes. I don't know about your family, but having a few cocktails is always in order with mine. Well, maybe I should be more specific. Having a few cocktails is always in order for me with mine. Interesting cocktails are also festive, fun and often unexpected.

Rachael Ray's magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray, offers many wonderful cocktail recipes for your holiday enjoyment. I also incorporated some drinks from Rachael's talk show and her Food Network shows. The list is broken down into alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, in case any of you have family gatherings that don't necessitate adult beverages for endurance.

Alcoholic Cocktails:

Non-Alcoholic Drinks (mostly teas and healthy things):



  1. I can already hear the Banana Buttered Rum calling my husband's name! LOL!! He's been wanting buttered rum since Thanksgiving, and has been looking for it everywhere!

  2. The Pecan Pie Martini sounds delish!

  3. Jennifer - I have never tried it but if it is something worth craving, maybe I will heve to!

    Lola - I know! We were out of the country for Thankgiving, so I didn't get to give it a try, but there's no way I am letting that happen for Christmas!


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