A Rachael Ray Christmas: Desserts

I hope we can still be friends after I tell you this - I don't really like sweets. When I eat cake or a cookie, I usually feel pretty indifferent about it. My real love is for onion rings, criss-cut fries and potato chips. Meaning, I'm all about the salt and the grease, but could do without the sugar.

However, I'm looking out for you and I realize that your family and friends will probably be much happier with a plate of cookies than with a plate of onion rings. I therefore present the last post in the "A Rachael Ray Christmas" series: Desserts.

But Rachael Ray doesn't bake, right? No, she doesn't, but apparently the people who write recipes for her magazine do bake. And Rachael did work as a fountain girl for awhile and she has some pretty good ice cream recipes to show for it.


Cakes and Other Treats:

Merry Christmas!


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