Rachael Ray is a Good Tipper

Since I went on vacation and was getting ready for going on vacation the week before that, I had a whole bunch of episodes of Rachael Ray's talk show to catch up on. And by a whole bunch, I mean 10 - two weeks worth of episodes.

Because I hear pretty often that many of you can't watch the show (go get a TiVo!), I thought I would share some of the interesting tidbits from my Rachael Ray talk show marathon. If you have any others you'd like to share please leave a comment!

  • Rachael Ray is not a cheap tipper. In fact, she is a good tipper (obviously, her anti-fans won't believe this, but I do!). When she interviewed Ruben Studdard, he mentioned that he is her biggest fan and loves watching $40 a day. He noted that she always comes really close the $40 limit. Rachael then said "It's called Tasty Travels now, so I get to go overbudget a little bit. And, yes, I always go back and overtip by the way, so stop sending that note." So there you go. Now, I guess that makes the show not really $40 a day, but if you are that picky about your tv show integrity, I hope you don't watch reality tv (hint: it's not real).

  • During the cooking segments on the talk show, Rachael is using a utensil not utilized on her Food Network show - a dough scraper. She uses it to scoop up and dump all the veggies or whatever ingredient she has just chopped up into a pot. This is the alternative to using the knife and your hand to scoop and carry.
  • Viewers have gone crazy about the show. One woman quit her job to watch, a little girl refused to go to kindergarten so she could watch and a woman accidently kicked her door open in her hurry to watch the premiere of the show and broke her toe. I especially appreciated the gift she gave the toe woman - a choice of plane tickets to cities whose names sorta include the word toe, including my own town of Sacramento (the others were Toledo and Toronto).

  • Despite tabloid reports to the contrary, the truth is that Rachael is not barren. This came up when she was joking with Dennis Leary about stupid tabloid stories.

  • This probably won't surprise anyone, but Rachael Ray was a cheerleader in high school. One of her evaluations during school said she was "unusually self-motivated." Ummm, yeah, I assume she still is.

  • Every year Rachael goes back to her high school to teach a cooking class to raise money for scholarships to send students to culinary school.

  • The food that is not used on the talk show gets send to New York city food shelters including City Harvest.


  1. I love your blog and I'm a big fan of Rachel's shows. I find it hard to believe that she has anyone that dislikes her so much as to spread nasty rumours.

  2. Susan - I agree. Some people are just so freaking whiney! I guess there's nothing we can do except continue to be positive and thank Rachael for teaching us how to cook.

  3. Most people that dislike her or make snide comments--circle all that apply: {don't even know her/have never met her/will never meet her/don't get what she is about} and are {just jealous of her fame and success/wish they had thought of it first}.

  4. Most people that like her or worship her--circle all that apply:{don't even know her/have never met her/will never meet her/don't get what she's about}. I like RR but I don't believe people are jealous. She's annoying sometimes that's all. I learn from her at times and at other times it's nothing new or not rocket science. The most popular and successful people are both liked and disliked. I just happen to like alot of people and can learn something from all of them.

  5. Anony - I have to agree with Cakegrrl. The kind of hatred that gets directed at Rachael isn't just normal run of the mill 'we think she's annoying' kind of stuff. It's vile, which makes me think something like jealously has to be in play. It's just not normal.

    And I haven't really run across people that worship her. I have criticized her before and other RR sites tend to do the same.

  6. I didn't know Tasty Travels is just a new name for $40DD. I'll be darned.

    And I always wondered about the tipping portion of $40DD. I figured they tipped better but to make it look "real" they gave a really low amount on the show.

  7. Jennifer - yes, reality tv. Not so real. But that's what I love about it.

  8. I think Rachel's idea about using the dough scraper is awesome. But to take it one step further there's a product from Chef's Planet cd the PrepTaxi. It has sides & will easily scoop up your veggies from cutting board to pan w/o spilling all over! Check it out www.chefsplanet.com.

  9. Ooooh, thanks for the tip, Anony. I added it to my Christmas list for Santa. Here is a link directly to the product, if anyone else wants to join me: http://www.chefsplanet.com/prep_taxi2.shtml.


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