Rachael Ray Overhears A Hometown Critic....

This is an interesting article that will give you a little glimpse into the mind of Rachael Ray. The source is her local newspaper, which cant't really decide if the story is funny or not. Then it downgrades the story to "more of a rumor, or a misunderstanding."

So, whether it's a story, rumor or misunderstanding, here's the deal. Rachael and her mom are grocery shopping and she overhears two people talking. One of people says that she was disappointed to hear Rachael Ray refer to her hometown, Lake Luzerne, as Lake Loser. Strikes me as funny, but I don't live there.

The quote was from an interview that Rachael Ray did with Las Vegas actor Josh Duhamel. Here's what Rachael said about overhearing the story:
"It's a really funny story," said Ray, calling The Post-Star from New York between takes on the set of her show. "One woman was telling another woman, and my mom didn't want to embarrass her by telling her she could overhear what they were talking about."

Rachael says that she and Duhamel were talking about the fact that they got picked on for being from small towns, but that they credited those small towns for making them who they are today:

"It just makes me terribly upset, and I wanted to straighten things out, because I can't go up to every woman in town and talk to them.

Because, my God, I am obsessed with bringing tourism to the area, with exposing the world to the Adirondacks," Ray said. "I've been a proud homeowner in the area for 15 years. I love going to Harris', and I want to always be able to go in there with my head held high. I certainly was not making fun of Lake Luzernians, because I am one! We were just talking about people ribbing us, not us ribbing them."

"It's a small thing that most people would just blow off," said Ray, "but to me, it breaks my heart. When I first moved back up to the country from the city, all my friends ribbed me, calling me 'hick' and 'rube.' It's not serious mean-spirited razzing. It's just razzing. And I still razz New Yorkers for walking too fast and talking too much."

Rachael expressed her love for her hometown and talked about how much she loves going there during her free time. She still owns a log cabin in the woods there and comes back at least once a month.


  1. I would like to go visit the Adironracks (sp?) during the fall. I think it has a real nice and homey appeal. I'm from a smaller to mid-size city that was not rural whatsoever, but I live in a rural town now so I'm starting to appreciate it a bit more.

  2. Whenever she does travel segments there, it certainly looks beautiful.


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