Rachael Ray Roundup

I think the blogosphere was sorta pooped after Thanksgiving. Bloggers have to recover, too, ya know. But, that doesn't mean that folks stopped blogging about Rachael Ray. If you write a post about a Rachael Ray recipe, make sure to email me so I don't miss it!

Here are some of the posts I found about Rachael Ray this week:

  • US Weekly conducted a poll of who you would want to bring home for the holidays. Rachael Ray won by a large margin! Emmitt Smith came in second.
  • Eating Well on Dialysis adapted Rachael Ray's Rio Grande Spice Rub Strip Steaks. I like the suggestion that the rub would work well on other meats, as well.
  • Mike at TV Food Fan talks about a recent article that discussed Rachael's anti-fans.
  • The Home Cook at Taste of Home picked another winner: Roasted Chili Broccoli. That one is my go-to broccoli recipe and the first time I made it was the first time I ever ate broccoli. Sad but true.
  • Bob Sassone at Slashfood reviews the recent Christmas issue of Rachael's magazine.
  • Carla at Four Foodies had her very own Rachael Ray cooking marathon. Okay, well, maybe that overstates it a bit, but she made Chicken in Orange-Scallion-Sesame Sauce and Big Fat Spicy Sate Noodles, Chicken Parm Meatball Subs, and Rachael Ray's Park City Chipotle Cashew Chicken.
  • A Baylor student wrote a thoughtful piece about Rachael Ray's decision not to have children.
  • Twelve Two Two Fondue offers some insight into Cute as a Button soup, which was inspired by one of Rachael Ray's recipes.
  • Scribbit provides the Ten Commandments of Quick Meals, one of which relies on a Rachael Ray idea.
  • Becca Levy posted some pictures on Now Public of a recent Rachael Ray book signing.
  • EW's Popwatch takes on the defense of Rachael Ray.
  • Radio station WPLJ has pictures from the release party of Rachael Ray's compilation CDs.
  • Rachael is apparently a fan of these jeans.
  • Stef at da*xiang was inspired by Rachel Ray's Fettucine Alfredo recipe to make Penne Alla Polpa Di Granchio, which substitutes crab meat for the pancetta (and penne for the fettucini).


  1. I absolutely LOVE Rachael Ray. In fact, I just did a posting on my blog last night about my new Rachael Ray cookware - the 5 Qt. Covered Saute Pan and the 8 Qt. Pasta Etc. Pot. I'm really looking forward to using them!

  2. I heard she was in th front page of USA Today today but I don't have any other info. Please post if you find anything. Thanks!

  3. Let me know how you like those posts and pans! I haven't heard from anyone who has used them, yet.

    Anony - there is a story on USA Today's front page online about how Rachael Ray's meals are going up in space with the astronauts. Here's the article. I will put up a post about it!

  4. Anony - ask and ye shall receive. I wrote a post about it!


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