USA Today Asks Rachael Ray 5 Questions

USA Today has yet another story about Rachael Ray today. Last week it was all about 30 Minute Meals in Space. This week USA Today's Laura Petrecca has 5 Questions for Rachael Ray and Rachael was kind enough to answer them.

Mixed in with the usual "you work really hard" and "how do you do it all questions," are some interesting nuggets of information. For example, true to her dislike of lots of gizmos and gadgets in the kitchen, Rachael is working on a line of utensils, but just a few. She is also developing more stuff for the home instead of just the kitchen:

We're working on sheets and textiles also, with a country version and city version — because I live part time in the country and part time in the city. I'm very specific about what I want to put my name on and how I want it to look. I draw on a cocktail napkin or scrap paper and say things like, "How about an oval pot?"

Rachael's decision to open up a restaurant in NYC has garnered a fair amount of attention, but it seems like the idea has changed since we last heard about it as just a burger joint:

I'm working on a healthy fast-food place (with an attached) nice kind of burger/supper club. The burgers could be made of anything — from swordfish or salmon to tuna or chicken. Ground anything. It could open late next year. Opening a restaurant can be difficult. You have to be very careful with who is watching the store because I have nine other jobs. We have a long way to go.

To read Rachael's answers to all five questions, check out the full article here.

[Photo from USA Today]

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