30-Minute Meals Videos

If you're like me, reading a recipe in a cookbook is sometimes just not enough. I need to actually see how to make a recipe in order to really do it right.

So, how happy was I when I saw that the Food Network put together a gallery of Rachael Ray videos? There's a half ton of recipes from her 30-Minute Meals show there, including Elsa's Jumbo Shrimp with Sage and Pancetta (Elsa's there too), Salmon Cakes Salad and Stuffed Pork Chops with Sausage and Apricots.

What's fun is that you can see some of the old school episodes and watch the evolution of Rachael Ray's hairstyles.


  1. Yeah, I like actually watching Rachael cook, but I also will just sit and read her cookbooks from cover to cover. Am I weird for that? lol...

  2. Well, if it is weird, then you aren't alone. I do the same exact thing. Esp with her new hardcover one with all the pictures!

  3. i luv watching rachel ray...thats why i created my very own version of 30 minute meals called 3 minute meals!! check it out and let me know what you think!!

  4. Anony - great video! I look foward to seeing you on the Food Network some day.


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